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Wrinkle Cream Products – How to Choose the Best Wrinkle Cream

Choosing wrinkle cream products can be overwhelming. Every product is slightly different, and they all boast groundbreaking science, un-reported research and the most effective compounds in the business. If this is the case, then why don’t they all work? The answer is simple:

You have to choose the wrinkle cream that is right for you.

Of course, there are some anti-aging product producers out there who will take advantage of your desire for smooth skin and luscious, firm cheeks. However, the truth is that most anti-aging and age-repair products do have sound science behind them. The key to getting the right results lies in picking the best wrinkle cream for your personal skin condition.

Here are some things to consider before you invest in any wrinkle repair product:

What is your main goal?

If you have smooth skin with only a few fine lines, then you are going to mainly focus on prevention. You need a cream with mega hydrating abilities that is high in antioxidants and will help your skin maintain itself by itself. This means hearty doses of vitamins and regular moisture. However, if you already have major damage that you want to repair, then you will need to use creams that contain vitamins A, E or C to help heal up your wrinkles. You may also want a plumping agent such as collagen that is absorbed with the help of peptide compounds.

Do you need an “instant fix?”

Many wrinkle “removers” contain ingredients to help fight the wrinkles from within, but they also have reflective particles in them to smooth skin and reflect light out of the creases in your skin. This can result in an instant fix – until you wash your face of course. If you do not have deep wrinkles already, then avoid these creams since they can block your pores or even irritate your skin. If your skin is already weathered, then they will treat the problem rather than exacerbate it.

Do you want to go an all-natural route?

Totally natural wrinkle repair creams do get results, but they can take months to take effect and are largely preventative. If you only have some light lines, then a natural route may be the best option for you. However, if you already need major repair, then you should at least consider scientifically altered or optimized treatments for the best and fastest results.

Taking a little prep time is the best way to get the best results from your wrinkle cream. Evaluate your skin’s condition realistically and objectively, then apply this to your product selection for your anti-aging routine.

What Is The Best Wrinkle Cream?

There are hundreds and hundreds on wrinkle creams available and it can be very confusing which ones actually work and which ones don’t. Here is a list of the top names in wrinkle creams that have a proven record of success in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum

Made in England by and for Boots the Chemist you will find Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Serum, the best wrinkle cream. A few years ago this very product was the cause of much chaos when it was featured on the BBC program “Horizon”. Supplies quickly disappeared from store shelves when the University of Manchester reported that this cream was scientifically proven to be successful in getting rid of wrinkles. Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum has the extract of the white lupin flower, silicone, lipo-pentapep-tide and antioxidants and cost about $53 for a 30ml bottle.

Athena 7-Minute Lift

The wrinkle cream Athena 7-Minute Lift is another anti aging product that belongs in the list of the best wrinkle creams. Made in Greece this cream is made with 12 all-natural, botanical oils. You apply it to the wrinkled area and leave it for about 7 minutes, hence the name. There have been clinical studies that have proven that once removed there has been a lessening of wrinkles and lines by as much as 83%. Athena 7-Minute cost $89


Another one of the best winkle creams is LifeCell. Manufactured in South Beach, LifeCell contains dithiolane3-pentatois acid (D3PA), idebenone and nitric oxide. Two of the strongest antioxidants on the market today are D3PA and idebenone and nitric oxide enhances the circulation in the skin. This cream is a great anti-wrinkle cream, age-spot reducer, under-eye treatment, general all over moisturizer and will even add plumpness to thinning lips. LifeCell sells for $129.

Customer Reviews

All of these products have some things in common, such as they have all been scientifically proven to work in the reduction of wrinkles and they have also been listed as the best wrinkle creams by customers. They have all earned high ratings from experts in the cosmetic field and rave reviews from customers, so you have the assurance that with any of these products you will have an effective wrinkle cream.

Anti Aging Tips For Your Face

Aging is an unalterable and inescapable process. Nevertheless, is there really a need for you to lose your beauty as you age? Although more and more anti-aging creams and serums are coming into the market, many of these really actually contribute a great deal to keeping wrinkles and sagging at bay. These anti-aging face products do have advantages and benefits of their own. The good, high quality products out there can to a certain extent assist in reducing signs of aging. If you’re looking into trying anti-aging products here are some tips to what you should be looking for.

An anti-aging product firstly should contain sun block, which will protect the skin from insensitive UV rays, a known cause of skin diseases such as cancer and wrinkles. Anti-aging creams can really help once the appearance of wrinkles has begun. However, prevention is always the best treatment. The secret to preventing aging lies in one of the simplest and biggest aspects of our lives, our diets.

One of the most common, unwanted and most obvious signs of aging is sagging. Sagging of the skin can be delayed and its effects can be reduced. Through a proper diet regimen sagging and weakening skin can be prevented. Certain food products can accelerate the process of sagging skin. These foods are consumed on a daily basis, and are impossible to avoid. A good tip is to lessen your sugar intake; sugar is the main cause of the number one aging problem. When people decide to cut down on their sugar intake they are not only helping their appearance, but also benefiting their overall health and wellbeing. Reducing their sugar intake will protect them from sagging and weak skin. Processed foods such as pasta, breads, tinned foods and many others have big input in making skin weaker and causing it to sag. Another culprit causing aging is caffeine, found in soft drinks, soda, coffee and tea. Avoiding such food will not only benefit you skin, but also protect you against other health problems such as diabetes and many other age related complaints.

Health professionals such as dieticians and nutritionists are always stressing how important it is to have a balanced, healthy diet. When young, the importance of diet and its effects on our appearance and skin does not play a huge significance in our lives until we begin to see and feel the effects of aging. As we begin to grow older and earn more wisdom, we also start to understand why certain restrictions need to be put in place to help our health. This is the same as helping the aging of our skin.

A good anti- aging diet focuses on protein and fatty acids, a healthy lifestyle will further compliment this diet and yield better results. Habits such as smoking and drinking will only speed up the aging process causing you to look older than you need to. Another great tip to help anti-aging of the face is water intake. Water helps cleanse your body and wash down toxins, which will eventually lead to clean and healthy skin. Together with a good diet and a high quality anti-aging cream you can look you best even at a ripe old age.

Acne – 9 Common Misconceptions About Acne

The effect of acne to individuals is alarming. However, there are certain truths that should be made clear so as to avoid wrong treatments and worse skin conditions. Since misconceptions about acne can have dire results, it should be straightened out with following truth:

1. Dirt is the culprit of acne

No! Dirt does not cause acne. Plugs in the follicle of the skin are the causes of acne. These plugs are formed when in the process of skin shedding, the dead cells mix with sebum and clog the pores of the skin. Extreme consciousness in washing and scrubs will do no help because dirt is not the reason for the presence of acne. These actions even increase the possibility of developing acne because they make the skin drier than usual.

2. Direct acne treatment is effective

No! Topical creams applied directly to the acne do not make them disappear. Since visible acne is 2-3 weeks old, they are difficult to treat with direct application of a cream. It is best to avoid the development of acne by preventive treatment of the whole face.

3. Only teenagers have acne

No! Usually, acne appears during teenage years because of hormonal changes. However, acne should not be ignored. If not treated properly, the acne may worsen and consequently result to acne scars, which are much more difficult to treat. It is good to treat acne at its early stages, before it can do permanent damage to the skin.

4. French fries cause acne

No! Actually, there is no solid evidence that certain foods are involved in the development of acne. Not even nuts or chocolates do harm to the skin. But a healthy diet boosts immune system that fights acne. Keep that in mind.

5. Cosmetics can cause acne

Maybe. If the chosen make-up is not “non-comedogenic”, then acne development is more likely. Non-comedogenic products do not result to the clogging of pores. Make-ups should also be hypoallergenic and water-based to prevent any adverse reactions of the skin.

6. Sweating prevents acne

No! Too much exercise can stimulate sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more oil, which when mixes with perspiration and heat worsens the already existing acne.

7. The sun can help

Not really. Little sun exposure can help acne. But too much exposure under the sun can make the skin dry and shed dead cells faster. More dead cells result to more clogged pores. More clogged pores will result to more acne break-outs.

8. Facial scrubs and toners work

No! Scrubs usually tear skin tissue thus resulting to increased probability of bacterial infection and blemishes. Also, toners with contents of alcohol leave the skin dry and stimulate the sebaceous glands to secret more oil that can clog pores and produce acne. Small-grained scrubs and alcohol-free toners are advisable.

9. Acne can be cured

Not at the moment. Although it is not curable, acne can be treated. Treatments only improve the conditions but will not totally eliminate the occurrence of Acne. The best treatment is prevention. But if the acne has appeared, treatments given by certified dermatologists should be taken.

Natural Anti Aging Tips, Supplements and Skin Care Products Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

There are many people these days looking for the best natural anti aging tips available for reversing – or slowing down aging. The demand has been on a steady rise for the last few years and the demand is met with more and more books about slowing down the aging process — as well as new anti aging supplements and skin care products.

Aging Gracefully

We all can probably think of at least a few people we can say we know or have known that had aged gracefully and lived a long and healthy life. How did they do it? They usually made some healthier choices and also enjoyed the benefit of looking and feeling younger as well.

The odd few out of thousands of people may be able to look and feel great as they age even though they made some unhealthy choices, but most of the time those who look and feel 10-20 years younger well into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s make lifestyle choices that other people did not choose.

Anti Aging Tips & Secrets

A combination of natural healthy living choices such as specific foods, eating habits, life style, dietary supplements, and other anti-aging products could slow down — and even reverse aging to a certain degree. Some anti aging secrets that people have used effectively to reduce aging and achieve a younger appearance are simply not common knowledge, and most people never heard of them.

Some anti-aging tips and secrets of those that are aging well and looking younger for their age are simple things such as cutting out caffeine and sugar from their diet, limit the amount of calories they eat, daily exercises, and they stay consistent with what works for them.

Anti Aging Diet

A diet that helps in reducing the aging process consists of foods, nutrients, and minerals that can help prevent aging and can also reverse it at the cell level. Eating raw fruits and vegetables high in phytonutrients can be one of the best ways to see great results in looking and feeling younger, which can also help you live longer too!

Anti-Aging Supplements and Vitamins

Taking a natural dietary supplement that contains antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins can be a great way to getting more of them in your diet, for most people do not get enough with their existing diets. The important thing to remember is that the purpose of anti aging supplements are not to replace a healthy diet — but to supplement it.

Vitamin C and E are vitamins that are high in antioxidants, and antioxidants are proven to neutralize free radicals, which can damage cells. In other words, you can protect your cells from free radical damage by increasing vitamins high in antioxidants to your diet. This can then result in slowing down the aging process and improve overall health. Sound good to you?

An anti-aging supplement can prove to be very effective and provide great benefits by increasing phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, compounds and other vital nutrients that are helpful in slowing down aging. These supplements can also be helpful in improving your health dramatically.

Physical Exercise

Consistent physical exercise is another key to living a healthy life. Both cardiovascular and resistance training has been proved to improve health and slow down the aging process. Even at the most basic level, we all need to move to improve our circulation, keep are joints moving, and allow for proper bodily functions.

Some exercises you could do consistently and find enjoyable may be walking, cycling, swimming, and other physical activities that can raise the heart level, metabolism and increase your vitality.

Skin Care Products for Age Spots and Wrinkles

All the anti aging tips above can help result in healthier looking skin but some may want to be proactive and use skin care treatments or systems for reducing fine lines and age spots. There are many different types of products that consist of creams, serums, and complete skin care systems. Using quality products would be worthwhile if the products work, right?

Acne – The Formation and 6 Causes of Acne

You’ve probably seen numerous infomercials on acne – what causes it and how to treat it. Often, dermatological companies would introduce new quick acne treatment. If you are plagued with acne and you have not bothered to visit your healthcare provider for this condition, you probably have tried almost every product in the market. At the end of the day, you’ll be saying, “Nothing works! I’ve tried everything!” Well, you probably have not even tried to determine what really causes your acne. This is crucial to determining the proper treatment.

The Start of Acne

Usually, acne occurs during puberty. This is triggered by hormonal changes that occur during this stage. The testosterone is converted into dihydrotesterone which set off excessive oil secretion. This excess oil then blocks the skin pores. The skin is then unable to shed the dead cells causing these dead skin cells to stay in the pore and eventually cause the acne. People with oily skin tend to suffer from acne. However, it is not just trapped excess oils that cause acne. Dirt and bacteria may also cause the blockage and the acne.

How Does Acne Occur?

Your acne may start and be categorized as inflamed or not inflamed. Not inflamed blemishes are known as whiteheads and blackheads. A whitehead is a pore clogged with bacteria and dirt. When this clogged pore opens up, this exposes the oil to oxidation which causes the blackish color and this is known as blackhead. When the clogged pores do not turn into blackheads, the body will then try to dispel of the dirt and bacteria. When inflammation develops, you have acne condition.

What are the Causes of Acne?

Acne is fairly common amongst teenagers. However, there are a lot of adults that share the same condition. The causes of acne, regardless of who is suffering from it, are almost all the same. These are:

1) Rapid dead skin cells shedding. When a person hits the age of puberty, his skin would start to shed a bit more rapidly. Unfortunately, the dead skin cells may buildup and block the pores.

2) Bacteria. The dead skin cells and oils make it perfect for many bacteria to populate people’s skins. These bacteria are known as Propionibacterium acnes. The excessive growth of these bacteria causes acne and large lesions.

3) Heredity. Unfortunately, heredity can indeed play a factor on acne development. If any of your parents suffered from severe acne breakouts, you will probably share the same fate.

4) Hormonal changes. Rioting hormones can cause imbalances and excessive oil production. This is why acne is common among teenagers, menstruating women and pregnant women.

5) Diet. Although there are no specific findings that would really relate diet to acne, people have different reactions to various foods. Too much caffeine, carbonated beverages, fatty foods, sweets, processed foods and pasta may cause acne. It is actually up to you to take notice if you experience acne breakouts with some foods.

6) Severe stress. Daily normal stressors like spilled coffee do not actually cause acne, but people who are severely stressed emotionally may suffer from acne breakouts.