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Wrinkle Treatment – Smoothen Out Those Lines

The Webster's Dictionary defines a wrinkle as "a small ridge or furrow in a normally smooth surface". But you should see how the whole world is up in arms against this small furrow. This is evident by the millions of dollars spent on wrinkle treatment. And, everywhere you will find animated discussions over wrinkles and wrinkle treatment.

Wrinkles are the result of depletion of collagen and elastin. This can be due to aging or prolonged exposure to the sun. Wrinkles are common in dry skin or particular skin types like fair skin with blue eyes. Smoking and genes also play a hand in wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment aims at restoring the skin elasticity.

Wrinkles can be either fine lines or deep creases. Fine lines respond still to treatment while the remedy for the latter type is along harsher lines like plastic surgery. Wrinkle treatment spans the entire gamut from cosmetic cures to medical treatment, and surgical procedures.

A wonderful wrinkle treatment involves minor lifestyle changes like cutting down on nicotine, junk and fatty foods and having more water to keep dehydration at bay. You should also guard your sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays with sun blocks and covered garments.

Medical wrinkle remedy is a milder form of treatment. In this range you have antioxidants like formulas containing vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene, fruits like blue and black berries, fish, red wine, moisturizers and cosmetics that include AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) or fruit acids.

However, one of the best treatments against wrinkles in the medical arena is Vitamin A acid. Vitamin A treatment is also effective against other skin problems like dryness and pigmentation.

Amongst the plethora of cosmetic procedures, the skin peel reigns supreme as an effective anti-wrinkle remedy. Glycolic acid peels work only on the surface of the skin and as such are not much effective against wrinkles. It takes penetrative peels like salicylic and trichloroacetic acids (TCA) to produce visible results. In fact, TCA peels are the best wrinkle remedy that is now around.

Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing are other peel types used as wrinkle remedy. Both involve a scraping of the skin surface. However, laser resurfacing is more penetrative and like the copper-peptide cream boosts the body's collagen production to pump out the drooping muscles and the wrinkles. It also includes a longer recuperation time.

Reverseheless, laser resurfacing peel-type wrinkle remedy effects side effects like scarring and pigmentation. They should be underone only under mild sedation or general anesthesia, as prescribed.

Recent years have seen much fanfare around the Botox injection. This treatment involves paralysis the muscles with botulinum toxin shots to smooth out the wrinkles, laugh and frown lines. The effects last for several months.

For those willing to submit themselves under the surgeon's scalpel, plastic surgery is an option for wrinkle remedy. A facelift or a brow lift can also act as an effective wrinkle reducer.

Now, you can keep away skin resembling an old parchment. With the proper wrinkle treatment, look 25 at 45.

Causes For Children's Skin Rashes

Skin rash in children can be caused due to a variety of factors. Bacterial infection, reaction to vaccination, sunburn, fungal infections and eczema are just some of the common causes. In children, certain types of rash can be symptoms of a more serious complication. Let us examine some of the major types of skin rashes in children and their causes.


Scabbies are caused by microscopic mites. The mite buries itself into the skin and the affected child develop an allergic reaction which leads to severe itching. This is often very intense and may keep the child awake all night. Scabies almost always spreads through contact and is often prevalent in conditions of poor hygiene or over-crowded living conditions.


Impetigo is yet another form of skin affliction which spreads through contact. Injured skin or lesions caused by scratching opens up the skin making it vulnerable to the entry of disease causing bacteria.


Cosmetic products and perfumes contain chemical substances obtained from resins. Even some of the lotions used in first aid may contain Neomycin sulfate. The same compound is used in certain cosmetic products too. But, the ill effects of the perfume on your skin can be avoided. Avoid using them directly on the skin wherever possible or switch to safer products which are derived from organic sources.

Drug reaction

Reaction to a drug is another common cause of rash in children. This often occurs when OTC drugs are administrated without checking if the child is allergic to a particular medicine. When the rash breaks out and its cause is determined, your doctor will decide on a course of treatment. In some cases the rash will subside when the child stops taking that particular medication.

How to Remove Fine Lines and Skin Wrinkles

Is reducing wrinkles possible, without cosmetic surgery? How can we remove fine lines and skin wrinkles, at home, safely and naturally? Here you will find the answers to those questions and more. If you follow the skincare routine outlined below, you'll be looking good in no time.

Get Plenty of Sleep & Use a Good Night-cream

This may be the last step in your daily routine, but since it is one of the most important, I decided to begin with it. Naturally reducing wrinkles can only be done at night. When we sleep your body replace cells and fixes any damage. In order to smooth out fine lines and skin wrinkles, you need ingredients that support the natural cell rejuvenation processes by stimulating the production of new cells.

With increased production of new cells, your skin's layers will become thicker and you will see a wrinkle fade and a tiny line disappear. There are two important ingredients to look for. They are CYNERGY TK and avocado oil. It is very important that the cream you choose is free of artificial preservatives and other additives. They interfere with the natural process.

Gently Cleanse in the Morning & Use a Day-cream

I can not overemphasize how important it is to cleanse GENTLY. Do not exfoliate. Do not use chemical peels or acids of any kind. Gently massage your face with tea tree oil or manuka honey cleansers and rinse well with purified water. Pat your face dry. Do not rub. Strong, abrasive cleansers can cause skin wrinkles. Remember that your aim is reducing wrinkles.

Applying a day cream under the make up is important. CYNERGY TK, grape seed oil, wakame kelp and coenzyme Q10 are the ingredients to look for. If you are a man, apply a similar cream after shaving, but be sure that it also includes witch hazel.

Eat Right and Take Your Vitamins

What does eating right and taking your vitamins have to do with getting rid of skin wrinkles? A lack of good nutrition through your life can cause signs of aging. It is impossible to get all of the beneficial nutrients from the food that you eat. The components necessary to improve your skin's health are not found in popular products.

Make sure you find a nutritional supplement that has L-carnosine. L-carnosine gives a lot of needed help to reduce wrinkles. Get plenty of omega3 fatty acids, because it and other supplements have been shown to increase firmness, which will help make those fine lines go away.

Drink Plenty of Purified Water

This step helps to improve the skin's moisture content and helps to flush away toxins that cause blemishes and uneven pigmentation. You can improve your health by drinking plenty of purified water. To naturally remove fine lines and skin wrinkles follow this simple routine.

Aging and Disabled Family Pets

If you have ever cared for a disabled, injured or sick dog, you know the heartbreak of seeing them struggle in pain while they continue to try to please you. In the case of an aging dog, their condition seems to go in cycles. They struggle and then they snap back for a while. Our family had a beautiful and gentle collie mix named Sadie. As she got older, she began to have noticeable difficulty due to joint problems. At first it was difficult getting up and down from a lying position. Then getting up stairs was a challenge. Ultimately the long walks got shifter.

Initially we accepted it and claimed it was part of the aging process and simply tried to accommodate her with a softer bed, fewer stairs and shorewalks. When we went to our vet for advice and he recommended that we supplement her diet with a high-quality antioxidant supplement. This worked great and she was back to her old self. Finally about three years later we began to see the same problems reappear. This time our vet added a prescription medication that we used in conjuction with the antioxidant.

Once again she got better but her condition got the best of her. She still got around but with great difficulty. We wanted to help her so we got creative and fashioned assistive devices out of household items and building materials. These included a make shift sling to help get her into the car and a ramp to help her get in and out the back door. She suffered into her old age with grace and dignity and always seemed grateful for our attempts to make her life happy, fun and less painful. For many other dogs with even more severe disabilities there are commercially made products to help you with the challenge of assisting them with issues of comfort and mobility as long as possible.

Ways to help your pet may include a sling to help them get up. Be sure to never try to lift (suspend) a dog using a sling around their middle. They need to be cradled when you lift them. However you can use the sling to help them use their own strength to make things easier. You can also fashion a smaller sling or harness to be used to assist them in walking. This sling is placed around them in front of the rear legs. If you are not feeling creative there are many websites that offer quality products that can do the job such as .

For some owners and their dogs, there are even greater challenges. Some family pets have suffered an injury or illness that has left them unable to walk. For these situations there are doggie wheelchairs. Most of the time when dogs use these devices, they drag their paws and need to wear protection on their feet. Again, these can be homemade or they can be purchased. There are many choices and you will need to closely evaluate your dog's specific need and "wear pattern" that is created when they drag their paws. Dogs actually adjust remarkably well to these assistive measures once they discover their new found mobility.

Whatever your dog's needs are, they appreciate your gentle concern and encouragement. If your pet is beginning to have signs of limited mobility, please seek the help of your veterinarian. There are wonderful, healthy, holistic products on the market that can help. Many products can be found on [] that can even help in preventing discomfort and disease progress. Do not simply assume that their symptoms are a part of the aging process. They probably have many pain-free years ahead of them with the right intervention and nutritional supplements.

Enjoy your time together!