Skin Care

7 Tips For Skin Care Using Essential Oils

Bath products, salt scrubs, moisture cream, lip balm, after shave, shampoo, and soaps are all fantastic ways to use essential oils for skin care.

Essential Oils provide a holistic (body-mind-spirit) method for a natural approach to skin care.

1. Bath Products such as bath salts, bath oils or bath emulsions can be relaxing, healing, and a great way for self-care. Children love making bath salts to use in their own baths, and they make terrific gifts. Simply add your favorite or designated oils to the product.

2. Salt Scrubs can be amazing skin exfoliates which provide a natural glow to the skin, while stimulating circulation and lymph. All but the most sensitive skin types can safely use skin scrubs.

3. Moisture creams can be used as day creams for normal to dry skins or as moisturizers for all skin types. Adding essential oils to creams after you separate them into jars will allow you to have several creams for different purposes.

4. Lip Balm. Citrus essential oils make lip balms tasty as well as functional. Peppermint or spearmint can also be delicious. Add your choice essential oils to the basic recipe.

5. Fragrant after shave lotions can be invigorating for any skin type as well as being an excellent way to add healing oils for skin care.

6. Dry or wet shampoos with essential oils have an ability to add rich healing properties and also mineral content to hair care. Dry shampoos are especially handy when traveling.

7. Soap-making is easier than most people would think. Natural soap with healing essential oils are much gentler than most commercial products. Different ingredients, as well as different essential oils can be added to a basic recipe for different purposes.

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