8 Tips to Prevent Worsening of Acne

Medicines are not the sole healers. Self-care and precautions go hand-in-hand with drugs to improve healing. If you suffer from acne, it is essential that you exercise caution to avoid worsening of symptoms.

Here are some easy home-care tips for acne:

(1) Wash your skin gently: Take care of your skin every day. As a general rule, wash it gently with water and a mild soap or an acne cleanser at least two but not more than three times a day.

However, do not scrub yourself too hard, as it can worsen the acne.

(2) Avoid sweating: If you find that excessive sweating worsens your acne, try to avoid activities that would cause you to sweat. Also, wash yourself after taking part in any strenuous activity.

(3) Dress comfortably: Wear soft, cotton clothing as far as possible. Other materials rub against the skin, causing irritation and worsening the acne. Acne can be made worse by tight chinstraps and bra straps rubbing against the skin.

(4) Choose cosmetics carefully: Certain cosmetics such as gels and hair mousses, which contain a large quantity of oil, can cause the acne to flare up. Use only non-comedogenic products, which are designed to not cause or worsen acne.

(5) Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight: Long hours under the sun can spell trouble for your skin. Always try to go out in the sun for a short time, if at all, and use a sunscreen with a high PPF when you do so.

(6) Wash your hair: Hair often falls onto the face and rubs against the skin. If it is oily or dirty, it can worsen the acne. Cleanse your hair with a good shampoo at least twice a week, and tie your hair up properly to prevent it from falling onto your face.

(7) Avoid exposure to chemicals: Avoid environments that would expose you to harsh chemicals like petroleum and coal dust.

(8) Reduce stress: Stress plays an important role in causing, as well as worsening, acne. Learn stress-management techniques and do some form of aerobic activity to help you manage stress.

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