Acne and Society

Acne is a subject that nobody likes to discuss. Women will use makeup to cover up their blemishes, and sometimes both men and women will avoid any sort of social outing when they have breakouts. Young adults agonize over it regardless of whether they have one small zit on their chin or unfortunate enough to have a severe case of acne. In reality, it does not matter how old or young a person is, acne can develop in anyone from babies to senior citizens.

Our society spends over $4 billion a year on all sorts of skin treatments from anti-aging creams to sunless tanning creams. In the US alone, almost $100 million is spent on over the counter treatments alone. It doesn’t matter how expensive the acne treatment is, people will spend the money all in the effort to have clear youthful looking skin.

The desire for clear beautiful skin is promoted by the various media forms around us, glamor magazines, celebrity magazines, TV, music and so much more. Acne skin care products are marketed using numerous actors and actresses that promote the same underlying message – clear young looking skin is desirable, while any type of imperfection is something to be embarrassed by.

Living with Acne

Acne and the embarrassment it causes is an experience that many people throughout the world have to deal with during their lives. Many people suffer through it during their teenage years and end up without any in their adult years. However the number of people suffering from adult acne is on the rise. Even though it is embarrassing, it is a condition that has many different treatment options. One of the first things to know is the specific type of acne you have and how to combat it.

The great Chinese tactician Sun Tzu wrote, “You must first know your enemy before you can defeat your enemy.” In this case the enemy is your acne, and having a good understanding of what causes breakouts and how to prevent it is the first step in defeating your acne. Once you do this you are on your way to achieving beautiful, clear, blemish free skin. So the first step is knowing what acne is and what it is not.

In addition to the physical manifestation of acne, many people with severe forms also have to deal with the associated psychological and emotional scars that this affliction brings on. Physical scars can form due to mild or rare breakouts as well as in severe cases. Today, many breakthroughs in laser treatments, chemical peels and light treatments for scars can dramatically improve how your skin looks. However, the emotional impact of acne especially on young adults and the associated stress has not been given much thought until today. Many dermatologists and doctors also work to help patients overcome this stress and lessen the negative side effects caused by worrying about their acne.

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