Acne Remedies For Teens

Acne is a common skin eruption and inflammation that is usually seen in young adults. Acne usually starts as blackhead or whitehead. When blackhead gets inflamed, it turns into red blemishes known as pimple. Infected pimple forms a hard nodule deep inside the skin and forms cyst.

The most common cause of acne is the hormonal surge during puberty. It is seen in both male and female alike. Stress and life style are the other causative factors of acne.

Pharmaceutical companies have come up with varieties of medications to treat acne. Some of them are available over the counter, where as the others are prescription drugs. While these medications can cure the acne, their strong chemicals could harm the delicate skin. So, fighting the acne the natural way is highly acceptable.

A well balanced food is the key for a healthy body including skin. Nutritious food ensures that body receives all the vitamins and the minerals needed to maintain good health. A robust immune system of a healthy body helps to fight the bacteria that cause acne. Vitamin E and Zinc contain anti-oxidants that help protect the skin. So, taking supplements of Zinc and Vitamin E are recommended to fight acne. It is always advisable to drink water and other fluids in abundance. Fluids help to clear the toxins from the body and leave a clear skin behind.

Hygiene is a critical factor that affects acne. Washing the face twice a day with water and soap is very essential in treating acne. This removes the oil from the face which clogs the pores on the skin. Squeezing the blackheads can cause infection of the skin. However, blackheads will not go by themselves. If face is cleaned with steam vapors; pores get opened up and makes it easy to squeeze the blackheads out without forming any scars.

Some of the home remedies for acne are readily available in the pantry. Fresh lemon juice and orange peels both are abundant in Vitamin C. The citric acid content of the lemon juice or orange peel when used regularly can help to remove excess oil from the skin and makes the skin acne free.

Ice is a great solution to treat inflamed acne. When ice covered in a kitchen towel is applied to the skin for 15 minutes, it reduces the swelling and redness of the acne.

The best way to treat acne is not getting obsessed by it. If a healthy life style is practiced, skin will be taken care by itself.

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