Acne Treatment – How Diet Affects Acne

It has long been believed that foods that are fried, chocolate or soda cause acne. Well, this great debate is over because it has been shown that these items have no scientific root linking them to acne.

There is no scientific evidence that shows that foods such as pizza, French fries or soda cause acne. Acne is caused by a biomechanism that causes your sebaceous glands to produce too much oil. These oils are much different than those that are used in cooking food. This myth has been around for so long because people simply believe that it is true. They cease eating foods and their skin clears up, but this can be due to a variety of other physical effects. Some people have noticed these changes and a doctor will simply tell you that if you think that is the cause then stop eating those foods. They are not going to tell you that chocolate and Dr Pepper cause acne.

It is, however, very important that you do eat healthy. There are numerous nutrition related issues that may be caused when you don’t eat a healthy diet. What you eat will not directly affect your skin, but it can cause a variety of other health problems that are much more serious than acne, such as heart disease. A balanced diet will also leave you feeling better all around. You will have more energy, slow down the effects of aging and make a healthier environment for your skin.

On the other hand there are diets and fasts that have been created that will help you get rid of your acne by cleaning out your body. Do you know what is already in your body, what kind of deposits that are in your liver, stomach and intestines? If you do eat a lot of chocolate, pop, fried food and other things then these food will leave deposits in your system that will cause your acne to flare up later.

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