Adult Acne Cures

Many people have the common misconception that acne is a skin condition which only effects a select group of people, namely adolescents and teenagers and completely overlooks the rest of us, which is a great falsehood. Acne is a skin problem that millions of people across the world experience every day and it can be experienced by literally anyone from an infant to a senior citizen in their golden years. It’s important that if you are an adult you know what causes acne in the first place, because once you know what exactly is happening to your body you will be better able to treat it.

Acne is typically caused by a buildup of excess oils which fill the thousands of tiny little pores in our skin. A certain amount of oils in the skin is completely healthy and natural, and in fact we need those oils to a certain extent, but when they become too great for our body to handle we get acne. Now the excess oils are only a symptom of a larger problem, which is usually a hormonal imbalance in the body. This is why mostly teenagers get acne, because during adolescence there is a such an imbalance of hormones that the natural oils of the body tend to get out of whack and pile up.

The most common type of acne is acne vulgaris which is what most teens get. Treating adult acne can be different from treating acne in teenagers, yet it can also be the same depending on the individual. It’s highly recommended that you go to your dermatologist and ask what type of acne you have and what the best treatment would be. They will probably prescribe you topical treatments which are creams and facial scrubs, or antibiotics which are oral medications you can take daily with or without food. These are strong medications that should work pretty well no matter what type of acne you have.

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