Adult Acne – Why Picking Acne Is So Addictive

Imagine you have to attend a week-end bash and you observe an un-welcome visitor knocking your flawless skin just a day before. Yes, its acne your worst nightmare. You pause for a minute and back track to see if you could stick any cause to it. But it’s too late and now you start panicking. And what do you do? You are tempted to squeeze and kill it and pray that your makeup covers it all.

I don’t blame you for this. Its been found that many acne sufferers are kind of addictive in picking them. They find it the easiest and most effective way of dealing with it.

Women are so traumatized by it that it becomes very difficult to leave the house with something that you really feel will be the center of attention for everybody you’re interacting with.

Some people are taken up by tension and find it a great way to release their tension. It’s in their mind that they visualize it as if they were deflating some balloon.

I too developed this habit for my acne when it initially started. Believe me it can become too habitual that you wont even notice if you were even doing it in front of 100 people staring at you.

What does it do?

1. It’ll leave scar on your face. By picking your blemish, you are forcing the debris from the pores to get deeper into innermost section of the skin.

2. It worsens your blemish. You are opening up the pores which can then attract more infected material from the outside world.

3. Spreads and worsens the infection. Your simple acne can turn into a soft, fluid filled lump called cysts.

How can you ignore it?

Step 1. Make a mental picture of bad acne scar and visualize it when you are tempted to pick it.

Step 2. Try indulging yourself into positive energy building activities. I’ve tried to control my addiction through yoga and it has immensely helped me. You can try work-outs at gym, Ta Chi and self-hypnosis to reduce the impulse.

Step 3. Don’t feel bad or get conscious about your acne. It adds fuel to your addiction. Try relaxing by deep breathing. It’ll instantly kick off stress release and help you.

Step 4. Mirrors can be your enemy. Don’t try to sneak peek in mirrors to gauge acne’s status. This will increase your impatience and would tempt you in picking and popping. Try limiting your time in front of mirror. And lastly…

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