An Acne Experiment and Case Study

Acne can be defined as an infection to the skin which results in the forming of patches and pimples on an individual’s neck, face, back and sometimes on the arms. The utter or the severe c acne cases can be inflammatory these can often produce some spots and zits on the skin. As per the survey about 85% of teen age people are suffering from acne may be mild or from the severe case. Thousands of medications as well as acne treatments are there which can be applied on the acne patients. Some of them are topical like acne creams, astringents whereas others are capsules or tablets of an antibiotic.

From last decades many researches have been made which have proved that many antibiotics which were used in treatment of acne can be used as the triggers for many other common illnesses. The researches were further reiterated by performing a practical experiment on the volunteers for the six weeks antibiotic treatments for acne. The result of such experiment was that the volunteers who subjected to this were found having much more susceptibility to URTI known as the Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

The researchers explained that overuse or misuse of antibiotics could result in the bacteria and may be any other organisms that become resistant. Because of this the body will remain prone of various infections as well as the infectious diseases. This will lead to the depreciation in the quality of the skin as well as the immune system of the body


The University of Pennsylvania has revealed out their practiced experiment on acne. This experiment performed has resulted out with all the answers to the questions related to the acne patients like when they have to consult their physician. The results were quite effective and have good impact since they were well researched and the observation made by the experts reported that in the first year of experiment about 15.7% of the all the patients were only afflicted with acne and also have at least a one occurrence of URTI.


Selection of the proper antibiotic for the treatment of the acne is quite important as if you go for the drug which does not suits you then you may have to go through some side effect of that, so it is always advisable that the drugs mainly the antibiotic for the acne must be as per your skin type so that it will help you to deal out with the acne infections rather than more worsening of the condition. If the antibiotic does not give any proper results in the 3 to 4 weeks you may need to consult your dermatologist for the proper guidance and treatment of acne. Thus acne can be easily controlled by adopting the antibiotic of right quality and type.

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