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Anti-Aging Treatment – Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone is an anti-aging elixir for many people. They claim it is a remedy for all things even prevent or reverse aging. However, last researches state that there is no evidence that growth hormone to fend off "father time."

Researchers were linked by the Standford University School of Medicine and they agreed there is certainly no data out there suggesting that giving growth hormone to otherwise healthy people will make them live longer or even reversing aging. In fact, the study showed potential for adverse side effects.

Negative side effects are joint swelling and pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and a trend towards increased new diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes. Many people have paid a lot of money for therapies that might have minimal or not effects at all, and inclusive to have side effects. This drug can be doing for you nothing but damages.

Nowadays, with the use of internet growth hormone are strongly promoted as anti-aging treatment and it has concern attention of popular media ranging from the "Today Show" to "Business Week". Consequently, this treatment became very popular.

50.000 people or so used this kind of hormone as anti-aging treatment in 2006 – just in the United States – with a cost often more than $ 1.000 a month. Researches showed that this number has increased since the mi -1990s, this increase comes despite high cost therapy, other important factor is illegal distribution of growth hormone.

Pituitary grand is a pea-sized organ at the base of the brain and produces naturally growth hormone, during childhood and adolescent years production is highest, and then typically start tapering off around age 30, continuing to decline into old age.

While injection of growth hormone are considered a legitimate treatment for short children and adults who pituitary glands do not produce enough ones to maintain normal metabolism, it is the healthy older what it is promoted as anti-aging treatment.

Healthy elderly person injected with growth hormone has a modest effect on body composition, increasing lean body mass or muscle. Studies state that practically people get nothing but risks using this treatment.

For example, other clinically important outcomes are not changed, such as bone density, cholesterol and lipid measurements and maximal oxygen consumption.

To sum up, studies provided no real evidence supporting this therapy maintained in increase fitness and you will do better trying another kind of treatment, the anti aging market place is plenty of alternatives.

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