Anti-Wrinkles Treatment – An Inside Out Approach

They say, “Beauty is only skin deep” but you really should not buy into this deceiving phrase. In our visual world, more often than not, we are judged for the way we look, so presenting our best self is important. Therefore, it is totally understandable that when fine lines and wrinkles start to surface, we want to get rid of them. We want to keep our appeal and we want to be judged favorably – always!

Cosmetic procedures are ways to treat wrinkles and lines, but they are not always necessary. In fact, most of the time, just by focusing on foods, supplements and skin care products, you can get very good result.

Let’s look at foods first. What should you be eating to get healthy and radiant skin? You should eat foods with antioxidants together with plenty of vegetables. Antioxidants are good for the skin. They reduce oxidative damages and fight free radicals. Try introducing more berries to your diet. You can also consider beets, broccoli, cantaloupe or sweet potatoes. Just remember not to over cook them to reap maximum benefits.

It may be impractical to insist on foods rich in antioxidants for every meal. As such, you should consider adding a healthy dosage of antioxidant, vitamin C and E supplements to your routine. They help to compensate for what you cannot derive from foods. This is a very practical approach for regular traveler but non-traveler can benefit from this advice as well.

Foods and supplements form a large part of our inside-out anti-wrinkle strategy. But it is never complete without external skin care. With so many skin care products in the market, how to identify effective anti-wrinkles products?

Effective anti-wrinkles products not only treat wrinkles alone. Some may protect you from harmful UV rays while others moisturize your skin at the same time. Indeed it is confusing. But what is important is that it should prevent and fight skin aging. Didn’t we get anti-wrinkles products for that reason? Usually effective anti-wrinkles products have 2 or more of the following ingredients:

Antioxidant – This word keep popping up in our quest for younger skin. Indeed, antioxidant is that important for preventing and fighting aging skin. Some manufacturers have started to add substances like Resveratrol and green tea extract purely for their antioxidant properties.

Peptides – This ingredient stimulates collagen production. Naturally with sufficient collagen, it is much harder for new wrinkles to form, and easier to diminish existing ones.

Anti-inflammatory substance – Don’t think that this is not important for anti-wrinkles product. Their inclusion makes it possible for people with acne prone and sensitive skin to benefit from many skin care products.

However, more often than not, they have other beneficial properties. For example, Feverfew is added for it ability to fight free radicals and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Other than these 3 common ingredients, more and more anti-wrinkles products also contain Retinoids, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, and Salicylic Acid as effective ingredients for wrinkles reduction. While they may be effective, those with sensitive skin can react negatively to these ingredients. If you are keen to try out products with these ingredients, you are advised to do a patch test first.

By combing foods, supplements and anti-wrinkles products, you will observe visible effect faster. Whether it is due to their synergistic effect, no one can tell for sure other than the fact that – it works!

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