Baby Acne Treatment – How To Treat Newborn Acne

Baby acne is a type of acne that affects infants. There are more than twenty percent of newborns are affected by this acne. It is an easy issue to find its proper care and treatment. It may be alleviated easily and effectively. Infant acne is resulted from the hormones of mothers that cross her placenta and stimulate the baby’s sebaceous glands. Maternal hormones cause red spots and pimples all over the baby skin. It is irritating the infant’s oil glands. It may result from mother or baby medications. It occurs on the neck, chin, face and back of the baby. It looks like pimples or whiteheads, which surrounded by reddish area.

Newborn acne is appeared anytime between the time of delivery and three weeks of age. It will be resolved by itself by the six month age. It won’t leave any skin scars. It may be irritating and itchy for the infants.

Treating baby acne:

Baby acne treatment is very easy. Wash your infant’s face gently with mild soaps and water twice or once a day. You shouldn’t scrub your baby’s skin and pat it dry. You should also note that washing the infant’s skin too much can cause skin irritation.

You mustn’t apply any lotion or oil to the infant’s skin. This can worsen the acne case. You shouldn’t wash the towels, lines, clothes, blankets and other materials that your infant comes in contact with.

If your infant acne is more severe, you can use chemical medication such as benzoyl peroxide and over the counter medication. You may use the solutions of the ionic colloidal silver and hydrocortisone. These kill the acne bacteria so they can treat baby acne effectively. They may promote healthy skin growth and reduce itching.

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