Can Pizza and Dairy Products Cause Acne?

These are very important questions; does the pizza/acne or dairy/acne connection exist? People who want to do everything possible for better skin need answers. When I want answers I start with what has been validated by science. What causes acne? First and foremost are the hormones and the action that they have on the sebaceous glands. The hormones cause these glands to secrete more sebum (a natural oil produced by glands under the skin) than is needed. This would only cause oily skin but if the p. acnes bacteria are present in the hair follicle, zits will begin to form.

The problem arises when these bacterium that cause acne consume the sebum and in the environment that exists under the skin, the bacteria are able to colonize, causing an inflammation under the skin and the development of a zit.

So hormones are the first cause and the second largest cause are dairy products. This group includes milk, cream, sour cream, ice cream, butter, cheese, etc…

What’s in dairy products that precipitate pimple breakouts? It is the hormones in the milk. Have you ever realized how strong a calf is at birth and how fast it matures? The milk for the baby calf is concentrated with substances like hormones that enable a baby cow to grow quickly. When dairy is in your body it mimics the same hormones that are present in elevated levels in the blood of a teenager in puberty.

I would also like to mention that stress does have a direct relationship with acne. It is important to know what is true since acne and pimple myths abound. Make it your habit to research what you hear so you truly know what your limits need to be.

Returning to the initial question, “Does Pizza Cause Acne?” A good neutral question would be, “Does the pizza have cheese on it?”

When someone wants to discover whether or now dairy products are affecting their skin they should do an elimination diet.

This would include the elimination of all dairy products from the diet for 2-4 weeks. Care should be taken to avoid hidden dairy items in foods like soups, crackers, salad dressings and other process foods. You would most likely find dairy on the ingredients list in the form of milk, cheese, whey, dairy cultures and other names that may be foreign to you so you may want to become familiar with the names that dairy products can take when they are listed on an ingredients label.

If possible it would be best to not go out to eat during this time of the elimination diet.

In only 14 days you may begin to notice a lessening of the frequency and severity of your acne breakouts. If not you can try eliminating dairy from your diet for another two weeks.

“Does pizza cause breakouts?” and “Does dairy cause acne?”

Yes, absolutely.

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