Cystic Acne Treatment – 3 Tips to Remove Severe Acne!

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne vulgaris and it takes time to cure it. This type of acne occurs deep into the skin when the oil glands get blocked and inflamed. Most of the time they look like a bump into the skin but with no whiteheads or blackheads. They can be painful and very distressful for the sufferers.

There are some cystic acne treatments that you can apply to remove these cysts. One of the easiest removal tip is to apply on the area benzyl peroxide. This can be purchased usually from pharmacies. You can ask your dermatologist for a prescription, too. If your type of acne is too severe and this treatment does not work for you than you need to change it with more complicated treatments.

The most common medicine for cystic acne is Isotretinoin or Accutane. It is basically a supradoze of Vitamin A. However, it is a very strong oral medication which should be taken with strict supervision by your doctor due to its side-effects. The treatment lasts several weeks, sometimes up to six months to see any effect.

This treatment should not be taken by pregnant women, mothers to be or breast feeding mothers as it is known to cause birth defects and abortion. Actually, many women experience cystic acne after pregnancy and they can try using birth control pills.

Other side-effects of Isotretinoin are depression, psychosis, dry skin, lip dryness, nose bleeding, vision problems, and others. This is why it is recommended that you speak before with your doctor if it is right for you as well as having regular check-ups during the treatment.

Another solution for severe cystic removal is the intra-lesional corticosteroids therapy. It is practically an injection with cortisone that it is injected inside the cysts. It is very effective for short term. However, it does not prevent recurrence of cystic acne.

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