Growth Factors For Skin – Skin Care Breakthrough

One of the reasons that Luminesce is so effective at making your skin smooth and youthful is that it contains cytokines and interleukins in its unique formula. These growth factors are created by adult stem cells that are removed once they are created. In the finished formula, these factors remain to stimulate your own stem cells to repair your damaged skin.

There are other formulas on the market that use stem cells and stem cell technology but they are plant and fruit based cells that are incompatible with human systems. They do have benefits but they are limited by being of a different species. Luminesce uses human adult stem cells to produce over 200 different growth factors, after which the stem cells are removed from the formula.

One of those growth factors is called cytokines, cell-signaling protein molecules that act as messengers between cells. They are naturally created by the immune system to carry “instructions” such as producing more collagen when your skin needs it. This category of molecules consists of peptides and proteins that regulate the body and can increase up to 1000% after a physical trauma or when the body develops an infection.

Another of the 200 growth factors is interleukins, proteins that are produced when the immune system is challenged. They trigger responses such as fever, allergic reactions and cell regeneration. Since your body has not been traumatized and you are not ill, the interleukins in Luminesce cause skin cells to regenerate where they are introduced, in this case on your facial tissues.

As we age our body begins to produce fewer and fewer growth factors. Interleukins are produced only when we are ill or injured and cytokines concentrate their communications on the processes that maintain aging internal organs. The largest organ in the body, the skin, is shunted to secondary consideration in favor of keeping the inner organs healthy as age breaks down their cells. Luminesce re-introduces these growth factors to your facial skin tissues, allowing them to increase collagen and elastin production and manufacture new, healthy skin cells to replace the old ones.

Apply Luminesce twice daily, in the morning and night. Wait 10 minutes, then apply your makeup over it so your skin can absorb the growth factors that will start repairing your skin and producing collagen and elastin. You’ll be pleased and amazed at the results you’ll see in just a few short days!

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