Help Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

To help prevent wrinkles naturally turn to nature and natural ingredients. The most effective skincare products to nourish, hydrate and protect aging skin are made from plants. Olive oil, macadamia nut oil and avocado oil are among the super achievers when you want to prevent face wrinkles. And last time I checked only Hollywood make-up artists want to make wrinkles a feature.

The largest human organ, your skin, is also the most often exposed to environmental stressors such as UV rays, drying winds, polluted air and particulate matter. These conditions hasten the process of aging by causing an increase in the free radicals the body creates in the presence of stress. Products that target this process help prevent wrinkles while also increasing your level of hyaluronic acid and boosting collagen formation. This encourages the regeneration of skin cells to replace the dead, dry, flaky ones that hide your shining complexion.

Another problem for aging skin is the lack of natural moisture: the skin looses suppleness over time. You must replace this moisture with specific ingredients in order to allow the natural emollients to be absorbed. Allantoin is an herbal ingredient that can assist in this process and also help prevent wrinkles by stimulating the immune system. Manuka honey from New Zealand is especially effective in replacing moisture in human skin in a way that does not feel greasy, absorbs completely and never causes allergenic reaction. It does no good to prevent face wrinkles and end up with hives, after all. So many skincare products contain ingredients that are allergens.

Beware always of products that contain alcohol, preservatives or fragrance. None of these ingredients help prevent wrinkles. In fact, they can cause more sags, bags, dark circles and lines because they are irritants and cause inflammation. Redness and irritation are a major concern, especially for men, when looking at causes of aging in human skin. Finding skincare products that address the irritation factor is critical to success and assists in preventing face wrinkles as well.

Seek out a manufacturer that explains fully what their philosophy is in regards to skincare. Look for a company that wants to assure you that their products will not only help prevent wrinkles but will do you absolutely no harm. Finding products that are good enough to eat will go a long way towards this goal. After all, the skin is a large area and transmits whatever ingredients you apply straight in through the bloodstream to all your other organs.

Make sure you are not causing an uptake in paraben, mineral oil or synthetic fragrance. These have all been shown to cause toxicity and even nerve damage over time.

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