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How Cotton Fabric Can Help You Overcome Your Asthma and Skin Allergies

Allergies and Irritations

Have you ever felt uncomfortable and irritated in your clothes? Or have you felt itchy only to notice that you have itch spots all over your skin? Generally this is a result of the fabric used to manufacture the clothes that you are wearing. It is becoming more and more common in today’s society as people are becoming more aware of the causes of allergic reactions due to poor quality fabrics. Cotton fabric is sensitive on skin and is highly recommended by doctors for individuals who have a high level of sensitivity to different fabrics.

Harvesting of Cotton Fabric

The difference between cotton fabric and other fabrics is in the delicate way that the cotton is grown. There are hundreds of cotton plantations around the world that harvest cotton using different methods. Some cotton fabric are grown using synthetic fertilizers, others utilize organic farming. The best quality cotton is the organic faming cotton because they use organic pesticides to kill off insects as opposed to harmful chemical pesticides.

For those with sensitive skin organic fabric is the best option as the high quality material is soft on the skin. The advantage of organic fabric is that it is also environmentally friendly due to the lack of chemicals used in the harvesting process of this fabric. Many manufacturers are adopting the use of fabric as they are realizing the benefits and society is demanding more user friendly and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Benefits of cotton fabric

Items made of this fabric will be labelled as 100% cotton so the consumer can easily identify which product is best for them. It is not only used for clothing but is also used for bed sheets and quilts which are equally important when it comes to skin sensitivity. Bed quilts come in many various types of fabric but the most common one is cotton fabric.

It is hypoallergenic. Many researches have been conducted on the benefits of cotton and the main benefit discovered is its dust mite resistant. As a result it is the perfect choice for consumers who suffer from asthma or other allergies including people with sensitive skin that is easily irritated. This fabric clothing allows for better circulation of air allowing for moisture absorption drawing heat away from the body, and allowing the body to remain dry and cool for longer periods of time, making it the best material to wear in summer.

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