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How to Find the Best Face Whitening Cream For a Smooth, Clear Facial Complexion

If you have a medium to light complexion, you know that dark spots and splotches on your face can be a source of embarrassment. They can make you feel self-conscious, and that’s understandable. We all want our face to be blemish-free each day because we want to look and feel good, and make a positive impression on other people. Using a high-quality face whitening cream helps ensure we put our “best face forward,” so to speak.

But for many people, finding the best cream for facial whitening can be a dilemma. With so many face creams out there to choose from, how do you know which one will work best for you? The first major step to solving this problem is to become more aware of the substances in skin whitening products, and how they can be good or bad for you.

One example of a common skin lightening ingredient is hydroquinone. There’s no argument that this substance is very effective in inhibiting melanin, or the pigment that darkens skin. However, did you know that hydroquinone is a known skin irritant? Even worse, it may play a role in cancer risk. Concerns over its potentially carcinogenic effects have caused its use in cosmetic products to be banned in nations such as  Australia, Japan, and several European Union countries.

You would do better instead to consider face creams containing other substances that are just as effective in making your skin lighter, but which do not pose any health risks whatsoever.

One such ingredient is extrapone nutgrass, which is derived from the nutgrass plant that grows in India. This plant extract not only whitens skin effectively, it also does it safely and naturally. Clinical trials have shown that it reduces melanin by as much as 40% — without causing any irritation or other harmful side effects.

Using such a skin care product can remove those embarrassing facial spots — and not cause any new ones to appear!

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