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How To Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally?

Do you suffer from dandruff? If so then you have come to the right place. Dandruff is one of those nasty scalp conditions that no one wants. Also did you know dandruff is one of the most commonly complained about conditions people get across the world.

So what is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a common skin allergy type condition produced near hair on the scalp and can be caused by many elements. As for what Dandruff looks like, it looks like and is flakes of dead skin in between and around hair follicles commonly seen on the scalp. Upon shaking ones hair it will appear like many, many flakes or white dry skin, in a way looking like small snow flakes.

Some of the common reasons or causes of dandruff are bad diet, stress, food allergy, pollution, hygiene, hair washing, shampoo, hot showers, deodorants, hairsprays and more. Each of which could comprise as one cause or many depending on the individual. Dandruff can happen to anyone, it is not contagious and usually never that serious to anyone’s health.

It is more of a nuisance to sufferer than anything else.

How Does One Naturally Get Rid of Dandruff?

Below is a list of some natural ways to help reduce or help remove dandruff effectively and naturally.

1. ) Get a Allergy Test. Dandruff can sometimes be caused by allergies and in this case it may be caused by something you do every day. It could be a pollen or pollution allergy or even a food allergy the body is reacting to.

2. ) Eat Well and Drink Well. This is the basic cure for most things that ail you, eating well will look after the body as best as possible and thus help reduce dandruff. Remember once you have dandruff you still need to treat it. Eating well will stop it from coming back if it is the cause.

Do not forget to drink water.

3. ) Other skin problems that could be causing dandruff are psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, so it is best to check for that. If you have one of the listed after testing, then it is best treating for it first.

Natural Treatment for Dandruff

As for natural treatment one could use a variety or natural products. These include Healing Oil’s, Supplements and Herbal Remedies.

Natural Healing Oil’s

Many Oil’s are very healing. Coconut Oil, Rosemary, Pure Emu Oil, Thyme, Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Cypress, and Tea Tree are all associated with reducing or removing dandruff. Simply by adding them to the shampoo or conditioner you use or use a little separately to see results.


Other than eating a good diet make sure you are getting enough of the right supplements. This is important to help the body stop it from happening. A good supplement high in Vitamin A, B complex vitamins, vitamin B1 & B2, biotin, essential fatty acids, omega vitamins and zinc are all good when it comes to dandruff.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are always a good addition. Many are excellent for the skin and scalp and can be used as a wash or rinse. Some good examples are Thyme and Comfrey.

When it comes to dandruff and allergies another thing to look at is the environment. It is easy to say our shampoo may have caused it or it was caused by stress or pollution, but in reality it could be an allergy to something right in your own room. On your bed or even something you wear, eg a hat. In a way you have to be a detective to find the right solution for you. With the right combination of looking at your situation, using some of the right natural treatments like suggested above and some good persistence I am sure your dandruff will reduce or may completely go.

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