How to Remove Pimples – Effectively Remove Pimples Fast

Do you want to know how to remove your pimples fast? I bet you do, no one want to have pimple on their face… personally I feel that I have been cursed or something to bear that dreaded pimples. I remember that sometimes people just looking at my face, but then I realize that they actually looking at my pimples.

In this article I will share with you some tips to remove pimples naturally without using any drugs and chemical stuff because I don’t know with you but I like to keep everything natural especially when it involving my skin. Anyway, who wants to have damaged skin?

So, how to remove pimples fast?

1. Control your diet.

The first thing is to pay attention to your diet. What you eat can affect the condition of your pimples. If all this time what you eat is junk food and fatty food, then it’s time for you to cut eating that and start a healthy diet by eating vegetables and fruits. Do your best effort to refrain from eating any fried food especially the deep fried one.

You may have heard this thousand of times, well then it is a good idea that you start to following it because it does works. If you eat right your pimples and acne will start leaving you.

2. Do some workout

After controlling your diet, it’s time for working out. You don’t have to go to the gym and start pumping iron. What I mean with working out is do a simple 30 minutes walk or jog. This may start to sound like tips to lose weight.

Well, actually working out can help to reduce your acne because the poison and toxin inside your body will get flushed out. Just remember to wash your face clean after done working out.

3. Drink plenty of water

Cut your soda and star drinking plenty of water to flush the toxin out of your system. Remember keeping your internal organ clean of toxin is essential to get rid of pimples and acne. Actually working out plus drinking plenty of water can be a really great combination to keep your internal organ clean of toxin.

4. Always keep your face clean

I know this is a common advice, but seriously keeping your face clean by washing it 2 times a day minimum is a great way to remove pimples fast. Make sure you use acne friendly soap when washing your face. And dry it by patting your face using clean fresh soft towel, do not scrub your face but just give it a soft pat.

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