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Most Common Skin Ailments Can Be Effectively Treated By Dermatologists and Other Medical Doctors

Common skin ailments can affect people of any age and vary from simply irritating to potentially dangerous. Whatever problem may be affecting your skin, the importance of treating it quickly, thoroughly and carefully can not be stressed enough. The skin is the largest and, in many ways, the most delicate of human organs. We only get one skin and it is up to us to take good care of it if we expect it to take care of us.

Though skin problems can vary from patient to patient and from one age group to another, there are some which bridge all the gaps. These include atopic dermatitis, or eczema; contact dermatitis, caused by various allergens; and dry skin, which is usually tied to a specific season of the year. From the time we’re babies, skin diseases can crop up at any time. For babies, the most common ailment is diaper rash, the result of contact with wet diapers. As we get older and begin to come in contact with a large variety of substances, we become more prone to developing contact dermatitis. Everything from plants to fabrics to foods can cause a skin based allergic reaction.

As we get older, the list of common skin ailments grows to include warts, hives, prickly heat and folliculitis. By far the most common skin problem associated with aging is dry skin. As we age, the skin stretches and becomes thinner, which in turn makes it harder to moisturize thoroughly. This can lead to bouts of extremely irritating dry skin, usually in direct reaction to temperatures extremes. Thus some people will find themselves suffering in winter’s chill, while others are plagued by summer heat.

Most skin problems are irritating and frustrating, but rarely serious, though they can often be a cause of embarrassment. Particularly difficult to deal with are ailments such as vitiligo which cause changes in the pigmentation of the skin. This can be a source of heartbreak for the sufferer, but fortunately with advances in medical science new treatments and even cures are being developed every day. Skin diseases such as melasma can sometimes be a warning sign for other illness so no matter how trivial they may seem, it is always a good idea to pay attention and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment for most common skin ailments can include everything from simple self help measures to topical and oral medications. Antihistamines can help to alleviate itching and reduce the effects of allergens, while corticosteroids work to decrease swelling. For conditions which affect pigmentation, laser treatment, tattooing and even skin grafting can be used to even out skin tone. In ailments which involve growths, incising to drain pus or surgical removal itself may be warranted.

Self help treatments for skin problems can range from cool baths to the application of warm moist compresses, depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Natural remedies such as oatmeal baths and aloe vera gels can offer much needed relief, and reducing stress can also be beneficial. No matter which form of treatment you choose, it is extremely important to act quickly to prevent your condition from developing into something more serious.

By far the most important step you can take in treating and preventing common skin ailments is maintaining proper hygiene and exercising common sense. Keeping the skin clean and properly moisturized at all times can help to avoid most problems. Avoiding wearing tight clothing, especially when participating in strenuous activity which will produce sweat, and always using caution in terms of sun exposure can go a long way toward maintaining the health of your skin.

The health of our skin can affect the overall health of our bodies, so it is nothing to be taken lightly. Maintaining your skin properly and seeking medical attention at the first sign of any skin related issues are the keys to living a long, healthy life. The better we treat our skin, the better it will be able to protect us.

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