Natural Rosacea Cures – Histamine Hysterics

Are you sick and tired of opening an article about natural Rosacea cures only to find that it is just the same old stuff? Stay out of the sun, cut back on the booze, don’t get stressed… all great advice, but just how many times do you need to be told about it! This article is different. In the next 2 minutes I’m going to tell you about something which could be a major trigger for Rosacea in your life, and you probably don’t know anything about it. If you really want to find a natural cure for Rosacea then read this article now.

Natural Rosacea Cures – Histamine Hysterics

You probably come into contact with histamines every single day and are not even aware of it. This pesky little substance is found in high quantities in lots of everyday foods like, sour cream, yogurt, spinach and vinegar.

So why should you be concerned about histamines? Well, there are a number of ways that histamines can affect Rosacea sufferers. The first thing that you should know is that histamine a known biogenic amine which will often trigger an over-response from the bodies immune system. In addition histamines are very effective blood vessel dilators. This means that your blood vessels will expand, causing a rush of blood to occupy the empty space. This is what often gives Rosacea patients the red face or flushing appearance that we associate with the condition.

But it doesn’t end there. Studies have shown that histamines are able to leak from the micro-vascular bed. This can often cause an outbreak of papules, the red bumps that we know only too well, and inflammatory pustules.

So what can you do if you discover through the Rosacea Elimination Diet that histamines are one of your own Rosacea triggers.

Well the first thing that you should do is limit as much exposure to this substance as possible. So replace beef and pork with lamb and chicken, which are safe for most people. Avoid any product which contain tomatoes, tomato sauce or tomato paste and cut out any yeast based products, although bread seems to be OK for the majority of Rosacea patients.

If you know that you will be eating something that contains high levels of histamine and you are unable or unwilling to avoid it, then taking an anti-histamine table a couple of hours before the meal may help to quell the symptoms of a Rosacea flare up.

As with most Rosacea cures, it is often more about what you eliminate from your diet rather than a magic cure-all Rosacea pill.

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