New Anti-Aging Products For Looking Younger

In the race against aging, we have many things to help us fight. There are creams, potions and lotions, and pills. We might eat the right diet, drink the right drinks and do all the right things as part of a healthy lifestyle.

But knowing which anti aging products to include in your regimen might be difficult. How can you know that the new skin care products are right for you and will work? Do your research and understand what each product offers. We’ll look at the new Athena cream, the Adonia Stemulift Serum, Matrixyl and Renovage.

Athena Adonia Stemulift Serum

This cream from the maker of Athena 7 Minute Lift promises dramatic results. The makers claim that it can reduce the appearance of even deep wrinkles, can help to plump up sagging skin and can remove dark circles. Studies have shown that Stemulift can reduce deep wrinkles and sagging skin by 43 percent, and can do this in just nine days.

Stemulift uses your own skin to help it become healthier. It rejuvenates your skin’s own natural stem cells to stimulate and refresh your skin. Because the product is multi-faceted, the manufacturer claims that you can replace your eye cream, dark circle cream and daytime and nighttime creams with just this one cream.

Stemulift uses a mix of 21 organic Greek botanical oils that are exclusive and specific to this product. Some of these botanicals include chamomile flower (which reduces puffiness and cleanses impurities from the skin), patchouli (which revitalizes skin and restores PH balance) and lavender (which smooths and protects the skin while providing protection as well).


Matrixyl is one of the exciting new products on the market today. It’s technically a fatty acid that’s mixed with specific amino acids, in this case collagen. Collagen is naturally produced in our bodies, but as we get older, the production slows. It’s collagen that helps our skin to stay taut and firm and the loss of collagen is what contributes to sagging and bagging in our skin.

Matrixyl is an active ingredient in a number of top-selling beauty products, including Dermajuv cream and Strivectin. While Matrixyl adds collagen to the body, it’s believed that it can also increase collagen production in the body.

Clinical studies have shown that people who use Matrixyl have found that their deeper wrinkles were reduced by as much as half, and that their smaller wrinkles and fine lines were reduced significantly- enough that it was as if they went away completely.


Renovage is an exciting product to many people because it is believed that it can help skin cells live longer, which in turn can reduce visible signs of aging.

While many other products focus on reducing the look of fine and deep wrinkles, Renovage, which is also found in Dermajuv wrinkle cream, eye cream and neck cream, works at the cellular level, so it can reduce the look of all signs of aging, from age spots and pigmentation to firmness. It can also reduce the size of pores and enhance natural moisture in the skin.

It’s also been reported that Renovage can increase the skin’s resistance to the sun, helping delay yet more signs of aging.

The myriad of products available can seem overwhelming, but once you consider the basic benefits of each anti aging product and cream, your choice might be come much clearer.

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