Perioral Dermatitis Cures – Understand the Remedies

What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Dermatitis obviously refers to skin disorder and Perioral refers to the periphery of the mouth. It simply means that Perioral dermatitis is the skin condition that affects the chin, nose and the lower parts of the cheeks.

Small red bumps or pustules are formed around the nostrils, chin and lower cheeks. Occasionally these bumps may be seen around the eyes. It is a facial rash which is slightly bumpy and scaly.

It mainly affects women from the age of 20-60 years.

Causes of Perioral Dermatitis

This is an area which is not clearly understood. The actual causes of this skin condition are unknown. However, there are statistical evidences which suggest that use of steroids is one of the main causes of the perioral dermatitis.

Other causes include chemical reactions of contraceptive pills, toothpaste containing lauryl sulfate, soaps, makeups and shampoos and various facial creams.

Perioral dermatitis is different as compared to the other facial skin conditions like rosacea and acne. Therefore its treatment is also different.

One of the easiest treatments most dermatologists find is to use steroids. They work initially but then they over complicate the condition in the long run. Reoccurrence is very much possible.

The Hydrocortisone types of steroids reduce the inflammation but reduce the skins immune system. They are not at all preferred options to use. But since, Hydrocortisone steroids are available as over the counter medicine, there can always be temptation to use it to get instant relief.

Other line of treatment includes use of antibiotics. Certain antibiotics work better than the others. This is more preferred method. However, need to experiment on individual case by case to check which antibiotic works better.

The best remedy is to prevent the condition. As they say prevention is better than cure and it aptly applies to perioral dermatitis.

If you stop using any chemical in the form of creams, lotions and soaps on your face and don’t use steroids for any other conditions then you will be able to prevent it. If you get it then its impact will be less and you are most likely to recover it from soon.

There are many natural remedies for treatment of perioral dermatitis. The top most among them is to maintain good hygiene. Clean your face many times during the day with water.

Applications of yogurt mask, grapes seeds and vinegar have proven good remedies in many cases. However if the dermatitis gets infected with bacteria then there is no other scope but to use antibiotics.

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