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Red, Flaky Skin Rash – Candida – The Story You Should Know!

My friend has serious red flaky skin rash candida on her face, but she is frustrated because she can’t find a doctor who can recognize the cause and how to cure it. Her local doctor failed to diagnose the red flaky rash, and now she writes to me about this problem.

First thing is I wish you courage and endurance, rashes can be a darned thing. I have had mine off and on for 20+ years. Currently, the one on my face is almost gone (a considerable improvement) and the scalp one is getting worse (perhaps a form of die-off). I have also tried washing my face with Neutrogena Tar Shampoo, and it does work, but I am worried about the consequences of long term exposure to coal tar, and use it only when the rash really flares up.

A friend of mine had a rash on her leg for several months. She used gentian violet (an inexpensive but messy antifungal) and it went away.

These are all signs of candida. Unfortunately, I do not know of any doctors who treat candida, much less in your area. I doubt that tanning will do anything for the rash and tepid showers may just make it worse if it is candida-related. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is through diet and supplements.

Some people are able to eat fruit on this diet. It’s recommended that it is eaten alone, though. Supposedly, fruit is so acidic that it can help to kill candida. However, the sugar may feed the carbs you eat it with or something like that. Anyway, I’ve been told by several sources that as long as you eat fruit alone, it is OK. Others will disagree with me and I like this advice: stick to what works for your body.

Even if you do the diet half way, it may be better than not at all, though.

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