Resveratrol Dangers – Should You Be Concerned

When a new and popular supplement has made its debut there is always the question of danger. Are there resveratrol dangers? Resveratrol is fairly new as a supplement of choice.

It was first isolated over sixty years ago in the white hellebore plant. Since the first discovery, resveratrol has been found in raw peanuts, dark chocolate, grapes, berries and red wine.

Resveratrol is a natural product which has been turned into high dose portions in capsules and supplements. Unfortunately some of the manufacturers tend to cut a few corners. There are several online websites that have graded the different manufacturers for purity, amount of resveratrol and addition of other antioxidants.

Resveratrol taken in moderation more than likely will not create any danger to one’s system. It is always a good idea to check with one’s health provider before adding any new supplements to the diet. There is some question to resveratrol’s interaction with prescription drugs.

There have been many trials conducted on mice and they have come out very positively. The mice who were given resveratrol appeared to be healthy and energetic regardless of a very high caloric diet. These mice lived longer than the mice receiving a placebo. Human trials are underway now. The claims of more energy, weight loss, cardiovascular good health and longevity are being studied.

Are there resveratrol dangers? There are probably more danger in large consumption of alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy foods and lack of exercise. We are often tempted to take higher doses than is prudent. We often have the feeling that if a little is good a lot would be better. This is not true in the case of resveratrol.

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