Rosacea Can Be Ameliorated By Changing Skin Care Routine

The National Rosacea Society made a survey, and according to it, patients suffering of rosacea can remove the signs of the disease by changing their skin-care habits.

There were studied 1,273 rosacea patients and the conclusions were that 91% of them improved their skin aspect after following some advices regarding skin care.

Most of the patients’ studied said that they washed their face with a non-oil, free soap and fragrance face cleanser and dried it with a soft towel; they did not use hot water and brushes or rough towels. 60% of them declared that they used also a moisturizer with SPF15. 94% said that they followed a topic treatment with the recommended cream and that reduced their symptoms.

47% of the women declared that they use make-up to hide their face redness and a green-tinted make up was used by 14% of the subjects.

Nowadays there are a lot of products designed to cover up face redness without mattering what color of skin you have, what type (oily or dry), or whether you are a woman or a man. The modern products are light, oil-free and are resistant to perspiration and water too. Anyone can use these products at home, once they have learned from a technician how to apply them on the skin.

The survey also concluded that the skin became drier as subjects advanced in age. From the patients aged 30, only 6% complained about the dry skin, while from those aged 50 22% said that they have dry skin; 23% of the respondent in their 60’s said the same thing.

Indeed, the dry skin is a consequence of rosacea but this can be resolved partially with moisturizers. It is recommended that these moisturizers have a sunscreen, of minimum SPF15 even winter, not only in summer, because the sun is a factor that causes this dryness of the skin. Also, drink a lot of water and when going out in the cold cover your cheeks and nose with a scarf. The treatment given by the doctor should be followed strictly, and after applying the indicated medication, you should wait until it dries and then apply moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen.

Taking care of the skin with a gentle face cleanser must be done twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime, so that all the dust and dirt will be removed from the face and the skin will be able to regenerate.

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