Rosacea Natural Treatments You Can Find at Home

There are several rosacea natural treatments that anyone can try at home. People who have this incredibly common skin condition are typically prescribed medicinal creams and lotions to help combat the redness and irritation that is synonymous with rosacea. The main drawback to this type of treatment is the harsh side effects of the medications, as well as the cost. You can try a few things yourself that are inexpensive and effective for treating your rosacea.

Apple cider vinegar has long been touted as a miracle cure for many different ailments. It’s also looked at as one of the rosacea natural treatments that work. You have your choice of either adding the vinegar to a glass of water or taking tablets that are available at most health food stores. Although this is a natural ingredient you do want to consult with your doctor if you are already taking prescribed medications. It’s important to ensure there won’t be a reaction between the two.

Another of the often overlooked rosacea natural treatments is to avoid hot water. Not only should you stay away from drinking hot liquids like coffee or tea but you also need to be prudent about how warm your shower or bath is. Heat makes the redness of rosacea worse, so when it comes time to wash your face, use cool or luke warm water. You also want to be quick in the shower or bath so the heat doesn’t have time to do further damage. People with rosacea really need to stay away from hot tubs. As enjoyable as it is to relax in one, the aftermath on your skin can be really difficult to deal with.

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