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Six Ways to Reduce the Itching From Rashes

For many rashes, if there was no itching problem the experience would be greatly improved. Of course, no one likes to have bumps on their skin, but when it is accompanied with a constant reminder due to the itchy feeling, it is hard to forget about it. The most important method to stop the itching problem is to know the cause of the skin disorder. When you know it then you have a plan of action you can take.

Here are some common ways to treat itching sensations of the skin:.

Antihistamines will reduce itching for allergic rashes, insect bites, hives and several other kinds of rashes. Check with your family physician about this for their advice. The itching will often return once the antibiotic wears off but it can still be very useful for allowing the mind to stop it’s swirl of thoughts and for the body to relax.

Olive oil, neem oil, coconut oil or chamomile helps relieve itching and the burning sensation that goes with it. When bathing gently wash it off the skin rash. Don’t scrub it off.

Apply cortisone creams if recommended. Cortisone however is not advisable for long-term treatment as prolonged treatment has side effects like permanent thinning of the skin

You can use baking soda for relatively dry rashes, and an oatmeal bath for other types of rashes including eczema. Do not use baking soda on rashes that have open wounds or sores.

Take a quick shower with lukewarm water. Then apply a good moisturize, neem oil or coconut oil to help relieve any dryness, flaking or crusting.

Use cold compresses on the skin without applying any friction. This works well for heat rash, eczema and other rashes.

These are some ways on how to reduce rash itching. For the itching to stop altogether, you have to treat the major cause of the condition but reducing one’s discomfort is an important step.

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