Skin Acne Scar Causes

If you have severe acne, then you must be worrying about skin acne scar. If your acne is of the inflammatory type like pimples, cysts and nodules, then there is a chance of skin scarring. However the non-inflamed type blemishes often do not leave any scar marks.

What are the causes of Skin Acne Scar?

Skin acne scars are produced due to inflamed lesions like pimple, pustule or cyst. When the hair follicle or pores on the skin get filled with excess oil, skin cells and bacteria then inflamed blemishes occur. These inflamed pores cause breaking of the follicle wall. If the breaking happens near the surface of the skin, then the lesion is minor and heals quickly. However if the breaking in the follicle wall is deep, then the infection spreads deep and causes damage to healthy skin tissues also.

(1) Inflammation is the factor that can help in determining the scarring. Greater the inflammation, higher is the chance of skin acne scar.

(2) Also deep breakouts take a long time to heal and increase the chance of scar formation.

The healing of skin acne produces a fibrous protein called collagen. Sometimes in the healing process, excess collagen is produced resulting in a raised mass. This type of raised mass scar is called hypertrohic scarring.

When a scar is formed due to loss of tissue it is called atrophic or depressed scars. Most of the skin acne scars are of the depressed type

4 Key Scar Prevention Tips:

In order to prevent skin acne scar some very simple to follow measures can be taken.

1) Never try to squeeze a pimple. Squeezing can result in dirt getting deep into the pimple and spread the inflammation further and thus worsening the skin.

2) Scabs keep dirt, germs and other stuff out and giving the skin cells underneath a chance to heal. One should not try removing the scab before your acne heels properly and the scab falls off on its own

3) Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight unprotected. Exposure to harsh sun without protection causes more damage to the skin.

4) Vitamin A based medication helps in healing a inflamed acne fast and thus potentially preventing scarring.

With Skin Acne Scar causes know, it is easy to choose an treatment option.

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