Skin Wrinkle After Pregnancy – How to Handle and Prevent

One of complaints from pregnant woman is red wrinkles that appear, especially on belly skin, it is called striate gravid arum. The question is will these wrinkles disappear as pregnancy ends? Pregnancy will cause some women to experience changes on the skin. These wrinkles are not only seen on belly, but also other body parts, such as breast skin, hips, and thighs.

A. Types And Causes

This happens because the skin is stretching due to the enlargement of the stomach because of pregnancy. These wrinkles will increase as the age of pregnancy increases, because the embryo is growing, causing the mother to gain weight. Because of that, generally the wrinkles will appear when the pregnancy reaches the 5th month. Pregnant woman with obesity, twin pregnancy, or pregnancy with huge embryo have more risk of more wrinkles on their skin.

Although every pregnant woman will have wrinkles, it is often only happen to those whose skin is less elastic. Usually for those who have elastic skin, these wrinkles will not appear. Other cause is the increasing of progesterone hormone which causes hyper pigmentation on skin.

B. What You Must Do

Wrinkles are marked by reddish obstructing lines. These wrinkles are natural signs and are normal because of the stretching of the skin due to the growth of the embryo. In this situation, the visible wrinkles look reddish pink. Besides that, skin on that area will fell strained, itchy, and wrinkly. But usually what most pregnant woman thinks is if the wrinkles would not disappear when pregnancy ends.

C. How To Handle And Prevent

Some women with less elastic skin cannot avoid this. But it can be minimized by maintaining weight during pregnancy, so the weight gain is stable, gradual, and suitable with pregnancy age. Ideally, an increase in weight for about 11-15Kg until the end of pregnancy. Other way is by not scratching the skin when it is itchy. Besides that, increase the consumption of food with balanced nutrition and exercise regularly.

Food that contains protein, zinc, vitamin C, and B6 is important to protect the collagen fiber in the skin, so the skin will be strong and elastic. For example, meat, fruit, and vegetable. Although this will have direct effect when it is done far before pregnancy happen.

Physically, wrinkles are not disturbing. Only it makes the skin look bad. But it is all caused by pregnancy and will disappear when pregnancy ends. Therefore do not take this as burden and no hard effort is needed to overcome it.

If the wrinkles are causing itchiness which disturbs your comfort, you need to treat it. To reduce itchiness, rub skin with olive oil, special cream, or baby oil after taking a bath and before going to bed. Those methods would not make the wrinkles disappear; it will only soften the skin from outside and does not change the flexibility of the network under the skins surface.

Will these wrinkles disappear when pregnancy ends? The reddish color of the wrinkles will gradually fade and leave marks shaped like silver lines. This will happen few months after the birthing process. By rubbing with cream, the wrinkles will gradually disappear. Although it will still be visible on some people.

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