Treating Acne With Antibiotics

There are an unimaginable number of acne products on the market at this present moment in time, lotions, creams, pills, steamers and more. They all claim to rid acne quickly and easily and a lot of them actually will, well at least they will reduce the size of the problem. Acne treatment all depends on the severity of the condition, lesser or milder conditions usually will respond well the creams and lotions whereas worse cases will need examining by a dermatologist and usually an antibiotic will be prescribed.

There is quite a selection of antibiotics for a dermatologist to choose from and again they will choose mainly based on the type of acne symptoms the patient is displaying coupled with personal characteristics. In most cases (and indeed my case), acne responds extremely well to antibiotics because they work by killing off the bacteria which causes acne in the first place. The other good news is they work relatively quickly and are very easy to use, what I mean is there is no messy lotions and creams to slap all over your face subsequently turning you a distinct shade of red.

I was on antibiotics for nearly 8 years, my acne was more severe than was first diagnosed and unfortunately at that time there were very few alternative options. Antibiotics are a necessary part of life, they are often needed in more life threatening situations to kill infection fast. Being on acne antibiotics for an extended length of time like I was actually severely reduces their effectiveness and if you are prescribed them by your doctor then make sure it is on a structured plan. Doctors seem to prescribe antibiotics just to please the patient but they could end up doing you more harm so make sure you use some common sense and don`t always take the doctors word for your medication.

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