Upper Lip Wrinkles – Get Rid of Wrinkles Above Lips Naturally

Upper lip wrinkles are can occur due to certain environmental factors such as sunlight, stress and smoking which will decrease the level of collagen and elastin. There are many other factors that can create wrinkle above the lips that is normally seen on someone of a certain age.

No one likes to have a weird looking face that shows the evidence of their long years of life. You need to simply prevent it with a good treatment to protect the lips from further lines on it. Choose a lip balm or Vaseline to protect your lips from wrinkles. This balm must contain vitamin-E to protect it from sun and treat the area with it.

Here are some tips to get rid of wrinkles above lips naturally:

· Firstly, you have to intake plenty of water in a day. Drinking at least 2 liters of water in a day will make your lips smooth and moist, as dehydration is the reason for developing crowfeet on the face.

· Smoking should be eliminated from your daily routine. People who smoke daily have very deep wrinkles and lines around the lips.

· Stay away from UV rays of sunlight which make your lips darker and speeds up your aging process. They cause premature wrinkles which break down the collagen and elasticity of the skin.

· The repeated movements that you do with your face such as squinting or smiling cause fine lines on the lip. This happens because line forms under the skin you use a facial muscle.

· Remove the dead skin . All you need to do is rub it twice in a day that make your lip smoother and soft

· You can even take injections to treat the lip wrinkles. But you must take an advice from doctor before you medicate this problem.

· Moisturizers can be used to protect the wrinkles. Apply a good moisturizer daily on your lips for at least two weeks that will give you a beneficial result in some days.

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