What Causes More Acne Breakouts?

Fighting acne may not be successful if you are not aware of the reasons that cause it. That’s why I’m going to explain you what makes your acne worse in order to avoid it and cure it easily.

Don’t listen to the others who tell you that acne is not related with anything and it will go pass alone. I personally experienced that doing the following, made me have fewer breakouts. They are easy to do, so just write them down and take a look at them everyday.

  • Stress causes acne

I think that you probably have heard about that but you were not so sure. Now be sure that stress causes acne. A recent research proved that there is a link between emotional stress and an increase in acne breakouts. So try not to get over stressed because that will probably lead to more acne breakouts.

  • Diet

Although there is not scientific proof, junk foods, sweets and all these “trash” foods, sometimes cause more acne breakouts. That means that if you notice that after consuming a food you face more acne breakouts then try to eliminate it from your diet. It has been shown that fruits and vegetables are types of food that can help curing skin problems like acne.

  • Hormones and genetics

These are 2 things you can not do much to resist. The face that during adolescence your body produces more hormones may cause acne breakouts. Also if your parents had acne it’s probably that you will face acne breakouts.

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