What Foods Help Cure Acne In Only 3 Days?

If your looking for help on what foods help cure acne then you need to know that its a combination of many foods that will actually help clear up your skin. A lot of people are looking for a magic pill for things like acne and weight loss. The fact is these magic pills do not work or are very unhealthy for you. You need to bring your body back to a state of balance, and this can be hard to do in the teenage years for sure. Its near impossible to do this in teenage years in fact, but you can balance things enough to get your acne under control.

OK first lets get into foods that you can eat that will actually make your acne worse. Complex carbs like bread, pasta and cereal can wreck havoc on your face. I know experts claim this is not the case, but other experts claim this is indeed the case. So you need to make a choice on how many times you will eat these complex carbs per week. I would advise no more than twice a week myself.Sometimes its not about what foods help cure acne, instead its about what foods cause acne.

Make sure you always shower at least once per day. Also make sure that you take a shower after any activity that involves sweating. I know this sounds simple enough right? Yea well I had to say it, otherwise you might not know.

Eat more apples to clear your skin? Well theres been some hype around this lately, but I myself have not actually tried it. If your interested in how apples help your acne you can actually check out my bio box below, I have more information in my link. So no you know what foods help cure acne and can try to change your diet a little. I wish you good luck in your quest for clear skin!

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