Wrinkle Cream Before and After Results

Have you seen those infomercials with before and after results of people achieving a positive wrinkle reduction? You probably have seen them and many other advertisements of people testimonies of how great their results are, however don’t fall for the hype too fast, there are a few things that you must be aware of.

Yes its true, people can reduce wrinkles significantly by using wrinkle creams and anti aging treatments but each solution works in a different way and with different consequences.

Even though some of the popular wrinkle creams might work they can produce some side effects or skin health problems in the long run. The problem is that synthetic additives in cosmetics are highly unregulated and have been proven to cause disrupt in endocrine function and interfering with metabolism of sex hormones.

Most of those popular creams are made with harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can produce free radicals and therefore inflammation which therefore will not help in keeping your skin young. Many cosmetics use petroleum based chemicals that might have some health risks.

Also most women use more than one cosmetic, they use several cosmetics with chemical ingredients, the combination of all those substances on your skin cause inflammation which therefore cause more skin damage.

The best you can do is to stay away from any wrinkle cream that contains chemicals, synthetic ingredients, allergens and additives, use only natural creams that contain organic ingredients from plant extracts, herbs, water, honey , seeds, etc.

Be aware of cosmetics with alcohol and fragrances they will dry up your skin and produce more wrinkles. Not all before and after advertisements are false buy sometimes you have to ask your self if the short term results are worth hurting your skin in the long run.

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