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Pokemon Go Is Redefining Our Communities

The new sensational app, Pokemon Go, has redefined our communities as strangers join forces to track down and capture imaginary monsters! Did Pokemon just solve the gap between the lack of activity associated with digital devices in new generations with the adventurous ways of the old? We think it might have.

There’s no denying Pokemon Go, by Niantic, has become an overnight sensation. In just a few days, it has added over 9 billion dollars of value to the Nintendo name and nearly surpassed Twitter in daily active users. But what’s most shocking is the behavior in our communities. Every where you go, you see kids, teens, and even adults chasing fictional Pokemon through the streets with their phones. There’s clusters of Pokemon Go players huddled together in every corner of every major city. Complete strangers are rallying together to battle each other with fictional monsters to defend imaginary markers on real locations. Some see this as a nuisance while others believe it may be helping socially challenged individuals join the community. Whole towns that used to lack their thriving commonplace are now filled with lively groups of youth excitedly playing Pokemon Go. Churches are seeing higher attendance numbers due to the locations of the battlegrounds within the game. And although there has been accounts of players going into areas where they don’t belong, most players have traveled to community parks and common areas giving us a nostalgic feeling of the good old days when people actually talked to each other over coffee.

Pokemon is quickly becoming the reason we visit a city, hang out with friends, or just go on a walk. A large number of fan based communities to pop up on the web. Many Facebook groups & events have sprouted up with thousands of members & attendees. Hopefully this isn’t a bubble and it continues to encourage it’s users to explore.

As crazy as it seems to need an app to get people to go out and interact with a world, we can’t help but see the positive in thinking that this could be a good thing for us.

The world has been under an unprecedented amount of stress and hateful division of our communities has been a rising issue. Who knows, maybe Pokemon Go is the answer we’re looking for to overcome these recent challenges and bring people together? It may not, but it doesn’t hurt to hope!

Finding Financial Freedom

In a 2015 economic study, researchers found that eight out of ten American are in astronomical amounts of debt. Today, statistics showed that these numbers have only varied slightly, if at all, as the average American household is over eight-thousand dollars in debt. Financial debt is a cancer that is plaguing every part of our country from college students working to pay of tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans, to hard-working businessman working a dreary nine-to-five just to pay off the house mortgage and put gas in the cars.

The reason for this ridiculous amount of nation-wide debt is simple: we have no idea how to save and are really good at spending. We come by it honestly – I mean, have you heard how much debt that our government is in currently? Something to the tune of nineteen trillion dollars. Based on that statistic, I would say that it is no wonder Americans are having such heavy financial struggles! Perhaps the worst part about this whole collaborative debt-mess is that the majority of Americans not only expect to accrue debt, but they’ve settled with that reality as fact, chosen to accept it as a part of life, and are making no conscious efforts to avoid it!

The good news, however, is that living with financial debt is not a requirement, nor should it be something to settle with. There are several steps that you can take today to begin paying off your debt and walking in financial freedom. Dave Ramsey, American businessman, author, and motivational speaker who specializes in finance, created something called the “debt snowball” to teach Americans how to get rid of their debt entirely. This method has been proven to increase the user’s internal motivation to get out of debt fully.

On first impression, this concept of the “debt snowball” may sound intimidating – after all, you don’t want your debt to snowball out of control… it’s already out of control! This method, contrary to its intimidating title, is built to keep you motivated as you pay off your debt with one simple trick: you must pay off the smallest debt first and work your way up to the largest. More information about this concept can be found on Dave’s website, but to put it simply, the steps to financial freedom are creating and maintaining a strict personal budget, putting money towards paying off those debts every single month, and starting with the smallest one first.

There is no such thing as a manageable amount of debt. If you are making the choice to settle with a certain amount of debt and live with the consequences, you are choosing to live in financial bondage for the rest of your life. When you make that choice, everything you do is dictated by someone else because, until they get their money, you belong to them. However, when you choose to work hard to pay off the debts that you owe, the joy that you will experience in the end will be so sweet as you put the life of debt behind you and walk in financial freedom!

What Does Herpes Look Like?

What to look for. You should first consider that not everyone has herpes signs or symptoms, or they do not notice the symptoms, or maybe they just have not had symptoms yet. This is important to realize because the lack of symptoms does not mean that you or your partner does not have oral or genital herpes. However, if you are concerned you or your partner might be having symptoms or a herpes outbreak, it is important to know what to look for. Your common, most characteristic sign of herpes is going to be a blister or a cluster of small sized blisters. The blisters may be filled with a clear fluid. And since herpes is usually found on the mouth or in the genital region, if you have a clear blister in one of these areas this may be enough reason for concern. In these cases, most people will seek a physical exam by a medical professional. If you have a full blister they can perform a herpes culture which is a swab of the blister. This test can actually test you what is causing the bump. Sometimes herpes does not turn in to a full blister, it may look like just a pimple, or a red tender spot, or just may appear to be like a stretch in the skin. It is important to realize that simply because you have had a pimple or tender spot, this does not mean you have herpes. If you are worried, you can consider a herpes blood test.

Other herpes characteristics. Some other signs to consider would this area where your bump is itch or tingle? Herpes has a pretty distinct and isolated itch, usually right at the surface of the skin. More painful outbreaks may also have and aching, throbbing type of pain. Another clue is when whatever you are experiencing seems to be repeating, in the same area.

History and clinical profile: There are not that many many reasons for you to get an unexplained bump orally in the genital region. This is where the staying calm comes in. Think about it, do you have any reasonable reason to have a blister there? Were you more physically active than normal? Did you cause extra friction in that area? Maybe your clothing was a little too tight the day before? Do you have any reason to suspect it is herpes? Did a past partner have herpes? When was the last time you were tested? Also, for the ladies, please consider, a large percentage of your genital region is not visible to you so there before you may not know you are having outbreaks. If you are having what you think are unexplained and occurring yeast infections you might consider a quick herpes blood test.

In summary, if you are worried and having a blister, you might consider a physical exam and / or culture. You may consider a herpes blood test if you do not currently have a full blister, have another symptom or other reason to be concerned about herpes, or if it has simply been since since your last herpes test.

Alkaline Foods – What Are They & Which To Eat

A body which is higher in acid is like a magnet attracting all kinds of diseases. The human body contains an ideal body ph of 7.3 which is more alkaline than acidic in nature. An alkaline ph helps the various body mechanisms to function well as well as the different vital organs to carry out their designated functions to an optimum level. Now what is needed it to maintain this ideal ph level by consuming various types of Alkaline foods. Acidic foods should be consumed minimally while most of our diet should consist of alkaline foods.

The various types of alkaline foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. Consuming these will help oxygenate the body system and so lead to rejuvenation of body cells. The various types of vegetables that fall in this category are garlic, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, barely grass, wheat grass and many more. Apart from cranberries all other fruits also belong to this category. Apples, bananas, honeydew, melons, cherries, dates and all the rest are alkaline in nature. Even though lemons are acidic in essence but when consumed they have an alkalizing effect on the body as opposed to having an acidic effect. Even citrus fruits which are acidic before consumption have an alkalizing effect on the human body. These fruits should be consumed in abundance so as to maintain a normal ph. Melons is not good foods to combine with other eats so should be consumed separately.

This is not to say that only non protein foods come under this category. Eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken breast, tofu, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, millet, nuts, sunflower seeds are all proteins that are considered alkaline foods. They can safely be consumed and shall be beneficial to the body. Green tea and herbal teas are also foods that are alkaline in nature. Various fruit and vegetable juices are also classified as alkaline foods. Those with sweet tooth should take stevia which is a flower obtained sweetener and is the only alkaline sweetener. Miso is another food that is highly alkaline and taking miso soup can be very beneficial to the body.

Many spices such as cinnamon curry leaves mustard chillie pepper and sea salt are all alkaline foods. Sea salt containing iodine is highly recommended. Acidic foods like various meats and oils should not make up for more than 25% of our food intake. One the other hand 75% of our food should institute alkaline food so as to keep a healthy body. If there is a constant feeling of fatigue or repeatedly reoccurring illnesses then a lot of such food should be consumed. All illnesses have their roots in the body ph getting acidic and a lot of care should be taken to keep the ph levels alkaline in nature. There fore a high consumption of foods that are alkaline is highly recommended in order to lead a healthy and long life.

The Social Security Disability Process

Do I need a Lawyer?

To a degree, seeking social security disability (SSDI) benefits often seems like you are speaking a different language. The process involves complicated and often confusing forms and medical documentation. The Social Security Administration does nothing to make the process clear or understandable. As a result, contending with the myriad of administrative rules and forms can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Even worse, errors in filing may result in a social security disability claim denial.

The end result is that up to seventy percent of all claims for disability get denied at the initial claim level!

With a social security disability lawyer, you significantly improve your chances of success. The fact is that, with representation, over fifty percent of cases heard by Administrative Law Judges get approved. That figure alone makes retaining one of our experienced social security disability attorneys a wise choice.

Additionally, there is no risk. No legal fees are collected if your social security disability claim is not successful. You can also be assured that all aspects of your case, including complicated paper work, will be handled confidentially and professionally.

How Can I Improve My Case?

Your chances for approval on your social security disability (SSDI) claim increases dramatically by very simply following through with regular medical treatments for the condition. This will allow you to provide complete documentation of your impairment and how it affects your daily activities.

How Long does Social Security Disability Process Take:

Once your initial Social Security Disability (SSDI) Application has been filed, your documentation is provided to Disability Determination Services. After being processed, the application and any supporting documentation is provided to a social security disability examiner. This is where the process starts. The social security disability examiner will often seek any missing medical records that document the applicant’s impairment. Waiting for those records may take many months. It is only after those records have been thoroughly reviewed that the claim is initially allowed or denied.

If denied, a Social Security Disability (SSDI) Hearing must be scheduled. There are detailed procedures that must be followed to seek that hearing. After that Social Security Disability hearing has been requested, it may still take up to one year before you have your hearing. Even after that hearing, it may take another three to six months for a Judge to render a decision.

If your claim is then denied, you may immediately seek reconsideration of that denial. A decision on that request for reconsideration may take several months. If the claim is denied, you may immediately file a request for a hearing.

Benefits of the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan

Health insurance is not just for those with a six figure income, and it should not be a right but rather it should be a privilege. This might not be reality in South Africa at the moment but this is the vision of One Plan Health Insurance, a newcomer to the South African health care industry.

With One Plan medical aid everyone can afford to have health care at a price that will fit their pockets. And with the most basic plan starting at R100 a month, this can truly become a reality.

One Plan Health Insurance offers valuable services and products ranging from hospital plans, to cover in case of death and also cover for dread disease and HIV/AIDS cover. This means that One Plan Health Insurance truly is a one stop shop for all your health care needs, for you and you loved ones. Here is a look at what their comprehensive and affordable Blue Plan can offer you in the time that you will need it most.

What the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan Offers You

With the One Plan medical aid Blue Plan as a primary member you will receive R 5 250 worth of medical cover per year, excluding hospitalization, dread disease cover, and other benefits. This means that R 5 250 will go towards your average medical needs, like visiting a doctor, receiving prescription medication, pathology, radiology and maternity care.

Besides just covering your day to day medical needs One Plan Health Insurance will cover other crucial medical needs, such as accident cover, illness in hospital, emergency illness and natural birth and emergency caesareans.

Furthermore you will also receive accidental disability cover for up to R 130 000 for the duration of the policy. You and your family, if they are members, will also be covered in case of death, both accidental and from natural causes.

Optometry needs will also be covered and you will be able to have a comprehensive eye test, frames and specially cut glasses for your frames at any Eyenet optometrist nationwide. What more could you want from a health care provider?

But there is still more. As a member of One Plan Health Insurance you will also be able to take hold of amazing deals and goodies on offer from their online shopping mall, OneLiifestyle. Through the exclusive offers on their website you will be able to get discounts on over 300 trusted brands. So what have you got to lose?

Who can benefit from the One Plan Health Insurance Blue Plan

Those looking to cover themselves and their family in case of any medical emergency that might arise will benefit from the One Plane Health Insurance Blue Plan. And with low monthly rates it is not just the rich that can afford to look after their health. And with great value added bonuses there is no reason why you should not SMS them on 31644, and they will call you back.