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Latex Allergy Is Not Just A Rubber Allergy

Natural rubber latex (NRL) allergy has emerged over the last decade, it is an allergic sensitivity to the proteins in NRL that often worsens with each exposure, which is a process called allergic sensitization. It may be difficult to recognize that various symptoms can be caused by latex allergy due the nonspecific nature of symptoms and lack of awareness of this type of allergy. Some people may have been sensitized to latex without yet showing external allergic symptoms which may ever develop if exposure is sustained (exposure can occur through direct contact with the skin, eyes, nose, mouse, etc.). It is also known that some foods have similar protein profiles to those of natural latex rubber (Foods that have similar protein profiles and cross react with latex: Banana, avocado, chestnut, kiwi, tomatoes, apples, carrots, celery, papaya, potato, melons.). It is also claimed that food allergy blood tests have poor indication for fruit intolerance or allergy for people with latex allergy. Some of the affected individuals may have serious generalized systemic reactions due to latex exposure

There have not been any major and reliable studies to accurately measure the number of people affected by latex allergy. Some reports claims that almost 15% of health care workers are affected, while others say less. Some reports claim that less than 1% of general population is affected, while others claim over 6%. One fact we do know is that latex allergy has been on the increase for the last decade.

Allergic symptoms range from irritating to life threatening, becoming progressively worse with repeated exposure.

Most effective strategy in the treatment of latex allergy is complete avoidance of any products that may include natural latex proteins, other tips include:

Latex proteins are water soluble, for example health care workers may sensitize themselves after removing gloves and touching their mouths or eyes with unwashed hands.

Latex allergy sufferers should avoid products that may contain latex as well as "latex-prone" areas (such as roadworks when asphalt is being used)

Diet adjustment may be considered

If you have latex allergy, it is important to wear a special necklace or bracelet to inform medical staff about this condition and carry an emergency epinephrine kit at all times.

Sample Film Treatment

A sample film treatment is a document by a film treatment writer to showcase their writing skills. New film script writers have to prove their ability to write film treatments and scripts. In order to get your foot in the door of films script writing, it is essential to write a number of samples, which can be shared. It is a self marketing strategy, which is part of the writer’s portfolio.

The screenwriter should ideally prepare samples to suit every conceivable situation that may arise. This is done to show potential customers that the writer can accomplish the task of compiling extraordinarily-brilliant film treatments and movie scripts. Copies of the sample film treatment are distributed to people in the film industry as well as literary agents and those seeking to hire a ghostwriter. Agents represent the writer to the film ‘insiders’. When production houses, studios, individual producers, or directors are hunting for someone to author a screenplay or treatment, they can pull out the spec samples submitted by different writers. Another option is for them to approach agencies, which are in direct contact with writers seeking work.

By evaluating the sample treatment, the potential client can pick and choose a qualified writer. Wisdom dictates that screenplay writers prepare samples in many genres and different types:

1. Original draft treatment – Slightly longer and more detailed manuscript
2. Presentation treatment – A much shorter and crisper version of a screenplay
3. Adaptation treatment – A treatment based on adapted work of another novelist.

Certain precautionary measures must be taken before doling out copies of a sample film treatment, including the following:

• Get your work registered with WGA so that your idea is never stolen.
• Give complete contact information on the front page of the treatment.
• Ensure that your work is absolutely flawless to make a great impression on the reader.
• Accompany the treatment with a cover letter highlighting your expertise, awards and credentials.
• If possible, attach a self addressed stamped envelope for ease of communication.
• Follow the industry norms regarding the format as closely as possible.

Since treatments are considered “easy reads,” it is important to keep your sample film treatment brief without sacrificing any important element of the story. This makes the treatment seem incomplete or distorted. Sometimes it is more difficult to compile articulate treatments than full-fledged screenplays. Make reading a sample a pleasure. Include enough white space so that the reader does not cringe from going through it from cover to cover. If the readers begin to lose interest or feel overburdened, they are likely to fling it aside hastily. Your aim should be to induce the reader to go on until reaching the end, setting it aside with satisfaction. A well-written film treatment has improved chances of being read and the writer propositioned to write the full-length film script.

Baby Acne and Other Skin Infections

More than 30 percent of babies are born with, or more commonly, develop a rash soon after birth. There were various types of rashes, baby acne being one form. This form of acne usually begins when a baby is around 3 weeks and can last until the baby is 4 or 6 months old. Baby acne is perfectly normal and is caused by hormones passed to the baby, through the placenta, before birth. These hormones stimulate the oil glands on your baby's skin, leading to baby acne.

In addition to acne, the hormones may also cause your newborn son or daughter to have tiny breasts. These breast buds are in no way permanent and all soon disappear with time. Sometimes newborn girls may have some vaginal bleeding, similar to a period. This is also due to hormones passed on to the girl and is not a cause for concern. The bleeding will stop soon enough and will not recur until your daughter is an adolescent.

Often, the baby's skin breaks out into pimples and while most of the acne is in the form of red rash, whiteheads are also common. While the acne will be most visible on the face, a few pimples may appear on the chest and arms as well. If you child is agitated for some reason, heated up or unwell, the rash may become more severe, causing you further anxiety. Similarly, if his skin is irritated, the rash will worsen. Take care not to wash your child's towels or bibs in harsh detergents, as these may irritate the skin if not carefully and completely washed off. Make it a point to gently clean out saliva or milk from his face, so they do not cause further irritation.

Natural Stress Relief Tips, and How to De-stress Easily

 The economy is in shambles, divorce rates are climbing, and stress related illnesses are becoming a major medical concern. Stress relief tips, are even more in demand than ever before. How do you separate what works from what doesn’t. Are all stress relief tips the same, and will they bring you the ultimate anxiety relief that seems all too hard to come by in today’s serious world.

Finding stress relief tips can be as easy as your nearest search engine, but will they work is another question. One thing to be cautious of are sites that have all product, and no content. Natural stress relief, while very manageable with supplements and other techniques, has many facets. When researching look for content, and suggestions without each entry being a sales pitch. So what are some valuable stress relief tips? Here are just a couple I have found to be extremely effective.  

Meditation Stress treatment can be as simple as learning some stress treatment techniques through stress meditation.  While is sounds very new age, at it’s core it is learning “focused relaxation”, and ways to quickly reduce your stress levels.  

Aromatherapy Stress treatment at home can also come from a very passive method called aromatherapy.  This is done by utilizing certain smells to trigger chemical responses within the brain in order to increase the amount of calming chemicals in the brain.   

Exercise For many stress treatment comes in the form of exercise.  Exercising to reduce stress is caused by the body’s release of the same endorphins that many of the other techniques do, but will also help you get in shape.   The other stress relief tips to look at are nutritional supplements. Some of the foods we eat like Turkey, fish, and nuts have many natural benefits that aid you in stress reduction. One word in caution with the nuts however as too much selenium can be toxic for your system so don’t overdo it.   You can also find many vitamin supplements, and natural herbal remedies for natural stress relief. However read up on any herbal stress remedy or nutritional supplement before you begin taking it to make sure it has been tested and does not have any reported side effects.  

For more free stress relief tips, and advice on Natural Stress Relief, visit [].

How to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are often a nuisance for anyone that suffers from some form of acne. Although everyone gets them, there are a few simple and effective ways that can help remove them and keep your skin clear.

Blackheads are caused primarily by an accumulation of dead skin cells and oils underneath the skins surface. When this mixture becomes oxidized the appearance of a blackhead becomes known. The reasons why a person gets a blackhead varies from individual to individual. Things like age, hormone secretion, and how sensitive sebaceous follicles are to those hormones typically determine how this form of acne will affect an individual. Believe it or not, the blackheads or other forms of acne on your face are most likely a result of a week or two worth of reactions that take place deep within your face. You may believe that a blackhead is a result of yesterdays skin care, but usually this is not the case. It is important to note that many over the counter skin care products that claim to unclog pores and keep your face acne free usually wont cure a person from acne for good. This is because your skin cells are constantly being replaced and your skin works from under the surface to the top.

Although there is a lot going on underneath your skin, there are ways deal with the appearance of blackheads. First and foremost, the most important thing that anyone can do is to make a routine of cleansing the face 1-2 times a day. this helps remove extra irritants on the skins surface. Using an exfoliant is also a very important cleaning task as well. Exfoliating the skin a few times a week helps bring unneeded skin cells to the surface, also helping remove any blackheads currently on the face. There are several kinds of exfoliant out there so make sure if you have sensitive skin to find a product that will work for you.

There are also a variety of domestic strips out on the market that do a great job of removing excess buildup and dirt. Deep Cleansing Pore Strips by Biore can be used a few times monthly and have been found to be successful in removing undesired blackheads. All That is needed is 10-15 minutes out of a day for application. The strip peels off and most of the unwanted blackheads come out.

Skin and Hair Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is used extensively when making hair and skin care products. These days it is not uncommon for people to make their own products, knowing what ingredients they are using and ensuring that they are using natural, organic and safe products to keep their family protected at all times.

Using argan oil and following a recipe can help you make top quality skin and health products in the comfort of your own home, including good quality moisturizer. With this oil you can make a very effective nighttime moisturizer which you can use overnight or a wonderful hand and foot moisturizer which can alleviate cracks and dryness.

In addition to this, you can use argan oil to make a good quality toner for your face. A good beauty routine can have you looking younger and feeling better about yourself, it will also reduce the risk of those unwelcome fine lines and wrinkles that develop as we age. With age our skin becomes thinner and weaker and the oil can help give it that added elasticity it needs now and moving forward.

This oil can also be used to make an effective exfoliator. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cells to the surface. This gives you a smoother and healthier skin, which you can enjoy now and moving forward. With daily exfoliation you will find that spray on tans last longer, your skin will look healthier and your face will be cleaner and healthier.

Further, you will also notice that you can use argan oil in beauty products if you suffer from acne. Acne is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems anyone can go through. Severe acne can cause long term damage to the skin, causing a pot hole effect. With argan oil, you can treat the skin, help alleviate the symptoms of acne, reduce swelling and irritation and reduce the risk of the skin having long term damage as a result.

Argan oil is used by millions of women who are pregnant or are new mothers. While having a new baby is one of the most rewarding experiences any woman will experience, it does come with serious consequences to your body, one of which s stretch marks. Stretch marks form as a result of your body being stretched to accommodate the baby and then returning to normal. Applying argan oil, which is completely natural and safe to the stretch marks regularly can reduce them considerably, making your skin look great.

Anyone who has shaved with a razor in the past may have experienced what is known as razor burn or bumps. Razor burn can be irritating and painful, it is where the skin is rubbed and can take days to heal. During the healing process the skin appears red and bumpy, not to mention exceptionally itchy. Argan oil offers a soothing effect, so it not only helps to alleviate the itching, but it reduces the redness and swelling, helping the skin heal very quickly as a result.

The final thing you can use argan oil for is an excellent natural, safe and effective hair conditioner. If you are looking for a completely organic hair condition which does not contain any chemicals and has not been tested on animals in a laboratory, then making your own is the safest option. Using this product will nourish your hair, help give it wonderful shine and leave it looking healthy.

Ensure you purchase good quality argan oil from a reputed supplier, you want to know you are buying the genuine product to achieve the best results.