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Archives November 2018

Top Tips For Hiding Acne Scars Without Paying Too Much

Acne scars are a curse for anyone who has suffered the affliction of having facial acne, and the scars leave a pressing reminder of the past problems experienced, as well as being quite unsightly. Anybody who suffers with acne scars would love to hide them forever, but as scar sufferers can attest to, this is easier said than done. Although there are various ludicrous claims in the market to remove acne scars for good within days, most of these techniques are not especially effective. Nonetheless, there are a few proven strategies that can assist in hiding the scars or lessening the appearance thereof.

Cheap Home Remedies

The first thing one needs to consider when trying to remove scars is the cost factor. Fortunately for many, there are a multitude of cheap home remedies that can be tried in the privacy of your home to conceal the scar. Many of these home remedies also benefit the overall skin condition, in that they are products that actually improve the skin condition from below the skin follicles. Many products that contain aloe vera or olive oil based creams can be effective at reducing or minimizing the appearance of the scars. In fact, the application of lemon juice to the skin can be effective at removing the dead surface cells around the scar area. Many individuals also use lavender oil for its effective healing properties, especially as it promotes the healing of the skin cells.

Makeup or Concealment

Probably the easiest method for hiding the scar is to conceal it with makeup. The problem here is that concealment simply hides the unsightly scar, and does nothing regarding the rejuvenation of the underlying skin cells. However, recently a number of skin treating acne-concealing products have come to market that work on both levels, rarely concealing of the scar and healing of the undering skin. However, some of these products are fairly pricy, and the user would need to way up the costs versus the long term benefits that will be shown over time.

It is quite evident that acne scar sufferers need not suffer in silence. Many options exist to either conceal or heal the under scar tissue, thereby minimizing the appearance of unattractive acne scars. People can now become extroverted and outgoing, instead of hiding from social situations. Many individuals who have followed their doctors advice can now step out into the world with renewed confidence, knowing that their skin looks wonderful and that other people are going to notice the improvement.