5 Ingredients To Look Out For In A Perfect Skin Lightener To Even Out Your Skin Tone

Seeing dark spots on your skin can be a mystery that you wonder about every day. The larger part of the mystery could be figuring out how to get rid of them.

It seems like they pop out of thin air, one minute nothing and the next minute you have a new problem on your hands. Once the root of the problem is known, you can easily remove them and take the necessary steps for preventive measures.

Be prepared to do a little more work if soaking up the sun is your thing. Sun exposure is a major player to discoloration on your skin mostly in your hands and face.

Your best bet would be to avoid sun bathing and tanning all together, but of course that is inevitable most of the time.

Keep an eye out for these 5 particular ingredients when getting a perfect skin lightener.

1. When your skin is dry, melanin can form easily which causes discoloration of the skin to begin with. The key would be to either retain moisture or make sure your skin is moisturized regularly. Moisturizers with grapeseed oil help with keeping natural moisture in and blocking out the not so good stuff like dirt and grime.

2. Inhibiting the development of melanin can also be done by using nutgrass extract or the more formal term – extapone nutgrass. It was actually discovered by a German company for the purpose of anti-irritant purposes, but the discovery ended up favoring more towards whitening. Results concluded to a decrease of melanin by 40% in clinical trials while gently whitening the skin.

3. Not only is vitamin E an antioxidant that helps fight off free radicals, but it helps with the anti-aging process. Anything that can reduce wrinkles and lines from forming helps with the skin to look velvety smooth.

4. Maracuja stems all the way from Brazilian passionfruit. A natural extract that is full of the right kind of fatty acids that balancing out your skin from being too dry or too oily. Basically nourishing your skin with the right kind of goodness to stay softy and silky.

5. Another ingredient from Brazil is babassu. A form of wax which might not sound like it helps with discoloration, but remember melanin forms when your skin is too dry. Babassu helps keep your moisture in and becomes a barrier from the not so good everyday stuff.

Blocking your pores and making your colored spots more noticeable is a bad combination, and is easily found in products that contain poor ingredients. Become familiar with various ingredients, and you will be able to spot them in your perfect skin lightener. Avoid bad ones, and keep your skin hydrated will help with evening out your skin tone.

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