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Acne – It's a Myth That This Condition Just Affects Teenagers

Acne – It's a Myth That This Condition Just Affects Teenagers

If anyone were to mention Acne, its automatic to think that the teenage years are the only times this condition is likely to hit. However, there are millions of adults out there that can confirm that it can come on at any age. As a sufferer it's worth looking to see what may be causing your acne, and how changing your diet and skin care routine could help clear the acne up once and for all.

Recent statistics show that 50% of woman and 25% of men will be battling this annoying skin condition at some stage during their adulthood. Although many dermatologists advise that acne is a result of hormonal deficiencies, there is now evidence that suggests that the problems could have been caused by chemicals and diet.

Greasy foods, soft drinks, deserts and junk foods are the first things that should be changed when looking to cure acne but improving the diet. However, there is more that you will need to do. If you stick to foods that have a low GI Count (Glycemic Index) you should get better results. GI means that the foods convert to blood sugar at a slower rate – hours rather than minutes.

A simple check on the internet will bring up a comprehensive list of low GI Foods.

Another factor to look at is chemicals. Although you may be using products targeted for sensitive skin to help your acne, these could still be doing more harm than good. Sensitive skin products will have less or more gentle chemicals that their standard counterparts, but they still have ingredients that can dry out and irritate the skin. Its natural to scratch dry itchy skin and this is when tiny cracks can appear in the skin which are easily infected and then lead to an Acne break-out.

The idea with regard to skincare is too look at other methods. Rather than look at sensitive skin products, try out natural products that contain very few chemicals. Check also for the ones that are proved not cause dry skin.

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