Acne No More- A Holistic Approach to Acne

Holism is the study of how parts relate to the whole, and an event or action is explained by identifying its place in a pattern that characterizes the ongoing processes of change in the whole system. This philosophy is applied to the study of acne by the new Acne No More system developed by Mike Walden, identifying it as ones body screaming out that something is horribly out of balance inside. Released in e-book form and distributed through its own website, this system takes a holistic approach to the fight against acne and is finally able to offer a cure to those struggling with chronic acne.

Acne sufferers fight a never ending battle against an undefeatable foe. Prior to now, no guaranteed cure for acne has yet been released onto the open market. Current acne medications focus more on the treatment of the symptoms of acne than the cause. Topical medications are available to unclog pores and treat the common bacterium that are associated with acne, namely Propionibacterium acnes, and hormone drugs can provide a temporary respite; however, this does not present the permanent solution that those who have lived with acne for what seems their whole lives desire. Acne No More tackles acne at its foundation, destroying its roots and establishing a plan to prevent it from ever returning.

There are two major contributing factors to the spread and tenacity of acute acne; hormone imbalance and bacterial infection. The Acne No More system applies seven layers of treatment to providing a permanent solution to these problems. Acne begins as a result of hormone irregularities in the teenage years and so it is extremely important that hormone levels first be regulated, then maintained to prevent any further imbalance. Then all systemic blockages are removed and the internal organisms that contribute to this blockage eradicated. Following that, a method is introduced to control environmental elements and daily habits that cause these hormonal imbalances and system blockages and natural internal mechanisms to combat these imbalances are strengthened. External factors that contribute to acne during and after completion of the plan are neutralized and a maintenance plan for a continued acne free existence established.

The test trials of Acne No More revealed miraculous results. In sharp contrast to the over the counter or prescription medications available on the market, Acne No More had a one hundred percent success rate within the designated time frame. Regardless of the severity of infection, every participant was the proud possessor of clear, beautiful skin within a month of beginning the Acne No More System. Since its release to the general public Acne No More has made a name for itself, offering a drug free solution to the problem of acne and giving back to those suffering from acne something many have long since abandoned: hope.

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