5 Best Acne Treatment Tips to Help You Clear Acne Fast

There are many types of acne treatment everywhere that promise to help you clear acne fast, but you have to be very careful when buying products because some can end up destroying your face. Or are you tired of buying different products that end up not working? Then you have to read this article to the last word.

Maybe you are also tired of searching for the best remedy that will help you fight this skin infection; you do not have to worry anymore. I will reveal the best acne treatment and solution but we have to see how this problem is formed or factors that causes it.

Acne forms when the skin pores are blocked by excess oil or sebum. It is also caused by hormonal inflammation or hormonal changes, diet, hygiene, stress and many more.
It affects almost everyone in this world, statistic have shown that it affects more of teenagers than adults.

Use the tips below to clear acne fast:

1. Garlic: after peeling about one or two garlic crush them and then apply on your face or affected parts. Or you can also decide to eat one or two cloves daily. It has natural anti-acne properties.
2. Basil leaves: add two teaspoons of dried basil leaves into a cup of boiled water and then stir it for about five to ten minutes. Allow it cool and then apply it on the pimples affected parts of your skin.
3. Mint: it is very effective for curing both pimples and other skin infections. Apply mint juice to your pimples before going to bed daily. And wash it with clean water in the morning.
4. Strawberry leaves: place the leaves directly to the infected areas of your skin after washing your face and then leave it for five to ten minutes.
5. Orange peels: make a paste out of orange peels with some water. Then apply it to your face, it is also another effective way to prevent acne growth.

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