7 Golden Rules in Managing Boys Acne Problems at Puberty

Most people thought that acne is only a problem for girls and for boys it is not a big deal. That is not true if you have a teenage boy at home you could not agree more with me. Young men are equally worried about acne as much as girls do. In fact boys are also struggling to cope with both physical and psychological problems due to acne.

Acne problem for boys normally starts when they reach puberty. Most of the times these problems are manageable. Proper diet is an important factor in controlling the problem. Even though there is no scientific evidence that shows greasy foods and chocolate are the culprit, but most people tend to believe that they contribute to acne problems.

One habit that is unquestionably important is cleanliness. Always keep your face clean. There are many cleansing products that is available over the counter. Find a mild cleanser that is suitable for all skin types.

The psychological stress and difficulties of going through the period of puberty could sometimes contribute to the acne problems too. Encourage your boys to join the support groups that could help them to deal with the problems wisely.

Below are some helpful points and hints for parents as well as boys on how to manage the acne problems effectively.

1) Be sympathetic to your boys. It may not seems as a big problem to you as parents but to the boys at the puberty age it is a big deal. It is important to understand their emotional needs and to support them.

2) A very important tip for the boys, never pick or squeeze at the acne or blemishes. Your fingernails is your acne worst enemy. Picking or squeezing your acne could also cause infections to the skin.

3) Do not use regular razors when shaving. To avoid hurting your acne, an electric or safety razor is recommended.

4) Make sure to use only a gentle skin care products. Washing your face at least twice a day with a mild cleansing products is recommended.

5) Look for the skin care products that are labeled as non-comedogenic. These products do not promote blemishes and prevent clog of the skin pores.

6) For severe cases that is beyond manage consult skin care specialist for professional advice. Skin care professionals should be able to guide you on managing the problems and suggest the appropriate skin care products.

7) If the problem persist as a last resort, you may need to get the prescriptions from the dermatologist. Dermatologist are the skin expert and they have the latest tools and the best skills to help you solve the problem.

Puberty is a difficult period of transition both physically and psychologically for your boys. Acne could be an added stress to their condition. You as a parent and your boys should work together hand in hand to manage the problems and it will make life more enjoyable for both of you.

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