Acne Back Cure – How to Cure Your Pimples on Your Back

Acne happens more commonly on the face but there are also people who have acne on their back. If you have acne on your back, it can affect your self esteem and you may tend to avoid scenarios where you will need to expropriate your back, such as during swimming or on the beach.

Sometimes having acne on your back may be even worse than facial acne. It is because it is harder to care for our back as we can not see it easily and it may be hard to reach. This means that whenever we did not thoroughly clean our back, the pores will become clogged with oil and dirt which may cause acne to form.

The cause of back acne is similar to facial acne. However there are additional factors that may cause it. Some factors such as wearing clothes that are too tight or clothes with materials that irritate the skin can worsen your acne condition. Tight clothing tends to cling on to the skin and this will 'suffocate' your skin and it can also trap perspiration that will cause irritation to the skin too.

Avoid using bags such as backpacks as they are also one of the culprits of causing back acne. When bags are pressed against your skin, it has the same negative effects as tight clothing. The rubbing action of the bag against your back may also cause irritation to your skin that may lead to acne.

In order to cure your back acne, you will need to keep your back clean, avoid wearing tight clothing and using backpacks. Acne can also be caused by unhealthy diet so you may want to keep a healthy diet by eating more vegetables, fruits and take less junk food. Also remember to drink at least 8 cups of water per day to hydrate your body well as. Doing this will build up your immune system that can help to improve your acne condition.

Changing your habits and turning to natural treatments are effective acne back cure. Always remember to treat the root problem of your acne. Over the counter products such as gels and creams can only treat the surface problem, changing your diet and eating natural food with antioxidants are the real solution to acne.

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