Acne Causes: What's Happening To My Face?

Acne causes are not always as evident. If you still believe the old tales about chocolate causing zits, you may not be able to readily find a solution to your acne problems. That's because when it comes to this skin condition, you need more than just misconceptions to understand and then heal the problem. What is out there to help you is capable of getting rid of most acne that is on your face, back or other areas of your body. Yet, before you can get the right products to help you need to consider the acne cause is first.

The acne cause for you may be quite different than from others. There are two main aspects to take into consideration here. First, acne is caused by too much oil on the skin. This is generally caused by the body's fluctuating hormones such as during adolescents. Hormones cause your glands to over produce oils for you skin (which are normally meant to keep your skin soft.) The other factor in the acne cause problem is that of the bacteria. A pimple on your skin is the skin's way of reacting to the bacteria that has caused an irritation in your pores. Now, what is important to note is that bacteria is more attracted to a wet and warm location to breed which is what the excess oil is providing.

The acne cause in your case may also be allergies, poor skin cleaning methods or even some hereditary factors. Yet, medications are available that can balance out the hormone production and help to relieve the infections caused by the bacteria on your skin. Anyone that is looking to improve their needs to address what their acne cause is before they can tackle the actual problem. By considering this cause, you can better your health and well being ten fold.

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