Acne Herbal Remedy – Do They Actually Work?

Not everyone wants to smother their face with topical treatments. With herbal remedies you do not have to worry about that. But do herbs actually work? Can they give you clear skin?

Why Some Herbs Work

The reason herbs will actually work is because they help detox the blood, aid your liver, and can kill fungus that lives inside you. This does not make them a permanent cure. In fact, some herbs like milk thistle should not be taken on a long-term bases. Most herbs are good for detoxing your system. Once your acne has cleared you need to improve your diet. A healthy diet is all you need to keep your body functioning properly. Still, detoxing with herbs can help cure acne.

What Herbs Are Good For Treating Acne?

There are allot of herbs that can help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation inside your body. Here are just a few of them:

Tea Tree Oil: This herb is applied directly to the skin. For some people it is more effective then using benzoyl peroxide. It comes with allot fewer side-effects. It should not cause much burning or itching. It does not smell that great, but overall its a good herb.

Burdock: This herb is good for treating most skin conditions. It can be very effective at detoxing your body, and it is safer to use then milk thistle. It can be found as a supplement or you can also drink it as a herbal tea. Most people will prefer to take the supplement because they may not like the taste of the tea.

Dandelion: Most of us think of it as a weed, but it can be very good for healthy skin. It's frequently taken as a tea, but like many of these herbal teas it does not taste all that great. The greens from a dandelion can also be added to your salad for eating pleasure.

Milk Thistle: This herb is used in all of those fancy detox programs. It does work well for helping the liver. You should only use this is small amounts. When it is taken in large amounts, it can be harmful to the liver. Still, there is no harm in using it for a 1 month detox program.

Teas: There are all of different teas out there, but I'm talking about some of the more common ones. White tea is very high in antioxidants with very little caffeine. Red tea also has allot of antioxidants and has no caffeine. Green tea is another good option, but it does have a higher amount of caffeine.

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