Adult Acne – Causes

Adult acne, much like teen acne, can be caused by any number of environmental factors as well as internal factors. By knowing what triggers acne, you can take steps to prevent acne. The fact that acne can actually leave permanent scars has many people erring on the side of prevention rather than seeking cures after the fact. Pay attention to the list of things known to cause acne before and if you are suddenly faced with an outbreak you will want to carefully consider whether one or more of these had a hand in it. Knowing what causes your adult acne is the first step in preventing it in the future.


Stress is the number one root of all kinds of physiological and psychological problems. It’s no wonder that the health of your skin can be impacted as a result of stress. When you consider that sebum production can be put into overdrive due to high levels of stress it makes perfect sense that acne breakouts in adult are the direct result of too much stress. The best cure for this is to find stress reducing hobbies or to take up yoga, meditation, or some sort of breathing exercises to help you enhance your calm.

Hormones and Birth Control Pills

These go hand in hand really. Some birth control pills can help control out of control acne but other pills are believed to cause acne. If you’ve been taking the same pills for some time without acne, chances are that it may not be your pill. If you make other changes however and are still experiencing adult acne outbreaks you may want to discuss the possibility of trying new pills with your doctor.

Oil Laden Cosmetics or Moisturizers

What you put on your skin has a huge impact on whether or not you experience acne. Most adult women find they are facing acne as a result of moisturizers and/or moisturizing makeup that use oils as ingredients. If you’ve recently switched moisturizers, your acne cure could really be something as simple as stop using it. If you’ve switched more than one product at the same time you may face a little more trouble in narrowing down the exact culprit or you may find that it is a combination of products that is causing your adult acne problem.


Some prescription, and quite possibly over the counter, medications can actually trigger acne outbreaks as a side effect. This is more common in medications that change the hormonal balance of your body. Higher levels of certain hormones (such as those commonly associated with stress) are often the cue for the body to put sebum production on overload. Acne, is the direct result of an excess of sebum.

So there you go.

There are a few more causes of adult acne though the specific culprit is almost exclusively the excess production of sebum. If you learn to avoid these things you will be well on your way to an acne free existence.

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