Best Acne Cure – Get Rid of Acne Quick

Acne treatments are in abundance, what used to be a chronic problem now has plenty of solutions. Sometimes, those solutions just do not seem to be sufficient, and they are draining your pocket. Antibiotics are expensive!

I used to have a horrible case of acne, if you want to learn about it click the link to my squidoo lens below.

I had tried everything, including acutane, with no success. Finally, when I had given up hope, I found a product that made me a promise.

Dermatologists are usually a great way to handle the problem, but after multiple dermatologists failed, I gave up on that idea. Decided maybe the internet could help me, since I was desperate.

My acne was getting worse and worse, so I started getting extremely self-conscious. I had always had clear skin when I was young, but starting at the age of 23 it was getting worse and worse.

Here are my tips for getting rid of Acne using a natural method?

Tip 1: Best Acne Cure

– Prevention is the key

Tip 2: Best Acne Cure

– You should scrub gently your face with backing soda at night after you clean your face with your tea tree oil soap and follow with a light lotion specifically for your skin.

Tip 3: Best Acne Cure

– Avoid sun, which makes your skin produce more oil, which you do not need.

Tip 4: Best Acne Cure

– Don't pick your pimples, this will leave you with scars you will not want.

Tip 5: Best Acne Cure

– Don't touch your face, ever!

Tip 6: Best Acne Cure

– Sometimes just rubbing cold water on your face before you go to sleep is a good idea.

The most important tip here was the one about not touching your face, if you find this extremely difficult to not do, you have located your problem. I hope these tips are effective for you, like they were for me.

Here is another example of something you can try to clear up your acne:

For two weeks, completely cut out all the foods that can cause acne.

Than, slowly re-introduce yourself to these foods and carefully record your acne levels.

Here is a sample diet:

As many fruits as you want, fruit is good!

Two to three egg yolks a day, this is the exact right amount of protein. Extra protein will cause the skin to retain water.

Combine sugars with fats.

Eat many many meals a day, within shorter intervals. This is a good practice no matter what.

This is mostly for the ladies, no moisturizers or lotions!

No supplements. These contain many acne causing minerals.

Make sure your keeping a journal.

This diet is for the extreme, but it works !! It worked for me, and my acne was incurable! Want more details about me, visit my lens! (link below).

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